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Not many of us enjoy going to the dentist. From having to have teeth work done to having to make the time to go in for a visit, the dentist can be a hassle. Dentists, as well as patients, understand this. In the past few decades, new dental techniques have come about that reduce how invasive dental work can be while at the same time providing a better experience for the patient.

In particular, CEREC crowns hold a great deal of potential. So what are CEREC crowns? Lets take a moment to define what they are, how they work, and the pros and cons associated with their use.

The Pros of CEREC Crowns
1. Cerec Crowns Represent The Future of Dentistry.
CEREC crowns represent the future of dentistry. By eliminating spent by clients in the office and reducing prices for the client, more and more research is going into CEREC crown creation and implementation. The plus side to this is that with more attention paid to this part of dentistry, the better it will become in time. Along with less invasive methods and better materials, CEREC crowns represent a positive step in the right direction.

2. Eliminates The Need For A Second Visit.
One of the biggest problems about getting a crown is that it is time intensive. Requiring two visits, the first visit would result in nothing more then a temporary crown. As some patients find this uncomfortable, CEREC crowns completely eliminate the need for this by being put in the same day that the patient comes in. This saves time, money, and can help the patient be more at ease. With same day cementing, patients will be more willing to come in for the operation.

3. The Technology Can Be Used For Fillings.
The same technology that is used to create crowns can also be use for fillings. This dual purpose extends the potential for the devices that dentists have to buy.

4. CEREC Crowns Do Not Contain Any Metal.
Unlike more traditional crowns, CEREC crowns contain no metal. While the metal isn’t harmful in and of itself, it does lead to a less aesthetically pleasing tooth. For those who worry about their smile, this makes all the difference in the world.

The Cons of CEREC Crowns
1. Expensive To Purchase The Necessary Machine.
CEREC crowns have a lot of potential to save the patient and the dentist time and money. The challenge however is that the original purchasing price for the machines capable of doing CEREC crowns is still very high. While the price will probably drop with time, not every place now may have it as an option. As a result, your dentist may not be able to offer you this service due to the cost.

2. Requires Special Training By The Dentist.
Every new machine requires careful training in order to operate correctly. The machine responsible for CEREC crowns is no different. Requiring special training by the dentist, CEREC crowns are only as useful as your dentist is skilled. While the machine offers a great deal of potential, many dentists may not feel that they have the time to master this new technology.

3. Challenge Getting Color Gradients Right.
We all fail to brush our teeth on occasion. Regardless of what color your teeth are, having them all be the same color is important. Any particular tooth that is too white or yellow will stick out like a sour thumb. While the CEREC crowns offer a wide range of colors, it is still a challenge to match up the colors perfectly. As a result, the CEREC crown may stand out.

How CEREC Crowns Work
Traditionally, getting a crown in requires two separate visits. First, there is the visit where you get a temporary crown that stays in place until your other crown is fully made. Once the crown is ready, you go in for a second visit where the final crown is put into place. CEREC crowns help to speed up this process by requiring only a single visit.

Known also as chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics, CEREC was designed to eliminate many of the problems associated with getting crowns. However, since its implementation, there have been a number of problems associated with its use. With this in mind, lets extensively review the pros and cons of CEREC crowns.

Where Does That Leave Us?
CEREC crowns have a great deal of potential. Along with reducing costs overall, CEREC crowns require less dental visits and an excellent crown. On the other hand, given how new the technology is and how expensive the technology is, not every person may have one. With that being said, if your dentist is offering CEREC crowns, then you should strongly consider getting them.