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Inappropriate behaviour is not the only indication of being an alcoholic. The existence of unnecessary odor, better known as alcoholism body odor is among the solid proofs that a person is an alcoholic. In fact, these people produce noticeable odor in their body for a variety of reasons.

What Causes Body Odor Among Alcoholics
This strong odor can be acquired through excessive consumption of alcohol. The smell of alcohol on the breath arises directly from the stomach. If someone burps with a stomach full of alcohol, it can produce strong foul smell. Typically, liquors can trigger bad breath and strong body odor.

How to Avoid Body Odor
The smell of alcohol is quite embarrassing to talk with other people. Therefore, it is a must to take several actions in reducing the embarrassment that a person may encounter.

1. Food-a person may eat food that has nicer aroma. This is effective to overcome the smell of alcohol substance. Specifically, foods with onion and garlic or spicy foods are essential.
2. Chewing gums-one of the common ways to hide strong smell of alcohol is to chew mint and gums. It can temporarily hide the unnecessary breath.
3. Proper dental hygiene-usually, damaged tooth can produce smell of alcohol that a person usually drinks. Therefore, it can avoid the threat of alcohol breath by having regular dental check-up. Regular brushing of teeth is also a must.
4. Mouthwash-one of the products intended to have fresher mouth. This is common to eliminate the alcohol odor stocked in the mouth.

Effective Way to Eliminate Alcoholism Body Odor
The most effective ways to have complete elimination of alcohol odor include the following:
1. Inhibit from too much drinking of alcohol.
2. Do not drink with an empty stomach.
3. Avoid from musky liquors.
4. Do not mix different drinks-the combination of different drinks can produce strong smell.
5. Take a shower-it will be helpful to eliminate alcohol smell by taking regular bath or shower with a medical soap. Medical soaps are best in eliminating the foul smell on the body.
6. Drink a lot of water-if possible a person should drink more than the normal 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water is one of the most useful cleansing liquids to eliminate alcohol through urine.
7. Exercise-this involves workout every morning. There is a possibility to eliminate toxins inside the body by the process of perspiration.
8. Change clothes after being perspired-one way to avoid the noticeable smell is changing clothes. If the clothes are already sweaty it needs to be replaced. Sweat is a product of dead cell within the body so it is a must to change the clothes before it produces strong smell.
9. Wear body fragrance-it can help the alcoholic person to avoid emission of alcohol odor. The odor of the alcohol substance can be overpowered by the perfume.