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There are many different ways that you can switch up your look and convey your own personal style. Not only can you add to your wardrobe or dye your hair, but you can opt for a unique piercing. Traditional ear piercing are no longer the most popular piercing. Now it is commonplace to have piercing on all different parts of your body including your nose. This type of piercing will definitely get noticed, which means that there are a few things you should consider before you chose this look.

Pros of Nose Piercing
Even though a nasal piercing is not ideal for everyone, it can be the perfect look or style for some individuals. The type of jewelry that you wear can vary greatly, which gives you a variety of style options. There can be a lot advantages associated with a nose piercing. Below are just a few of the biggest pros.

1. Personal Style
If you are looking to stand out and create your own personal style a nose piercing can be the perfect choice. A nose piercing can be a unique look, but it does not have to be too drastic or over-the-top. It is possible to have small jewelry in your nasal piercing that is subtle and simply adds to your look a bit. Personal style is important and having the ability to have another form of personal expression is key. This is a huge benefit that you can get access to with a nose piercing.

2. Little Pain
Another advantage to having your nose pierced is that fact that it is a relatively simple piercing. Besides the small amount of cartilage in your nose, there is not a lot of skin or fat to pierce through. This makes a nose piercing very straightforward and a fast procedure. It only takes a few minutes to have your nose pierced and it is not a big ordeal. You don’t even have to worry about a lot of pain. Compared to other body parts, having your nose pierced is relatively painless.

3. Fast Healing
If you follow all care instructions the healing process for your nose piercing should not be complicated. It does not take a lot of time for your nose to heal and if you use antiseptic was regularly you will not have to worry about infection. The wound will heal quickly on its own with very little help from you. Your nose piercing will look great on its own and you don’t have to worry about it too much. It is a piercing that requires minimal effort to maintain.

4. Little Room For Error
With some body piercing you have to be very careful about who you choose for the procedure. You don’t want to be left with ear piercing that don’t align or an eyebrow piercing that is crooked. However, it is very difficult to make an error with a nasal piercing. The nose is one of the easiest parts on the body to pierce. Nose piercing look great and can be done on many different parts of the nose. With so many different sizes of jewelry to choose from, you can even switch up your look.

5. Easy to Remove
Another pro of having a nasal piercing is that it is one of the easiest to get rid of. Once you are tired of your nose piercing all you have to do is take out your nose ring and it will begin to heal right away. Since the piercing is so small, it is extremely hard to notice and will heal fully in a very short time period. Other piercing on the body can leave behind scars, but a nose piercing heals very easily with little scarring left behind. This means that when you no longer want to have a more daring personal style, you can get rid of it on a whim.

Cons of Nose Piercing
A nose piercing is a very bold look, but it is not always for everyone. Before you make the choice to have your nose pierced you need to know what you are in for exactly. Below are the major cons of a nasal piercing that you should expect.

1. Not Professional Look
A nose piercing might add to your personal style, but it does not allow for the most professional look. If you are looking to succeed in most traditional work environments a nose ring might not be accepted by your employer. Many employers do not approve of any facial piercing beyond earrings. If you want to work in a professional environment chances are you will be asked to remove your nose piercing. Just be sure to expect this when you have a job.

2. Heals Fast
If you take your nose ring out for just a few days the piercing can close on its own. This means that you have to leave your nose ring in most of the time to ensure that your nasal piercing does not close. If you forget about your nose piercing for a few days it might close fully and you will not be able to wear nasal jewelry. It is important to be aware that your nose piercing can heal fast before you choose this type of piercing. It might not be worth the cost if you won’t wear it often.

What Should You Expect?
Don’t simply assume that all body piercing is the same. Having your nose pierced is not the same thing as having your ears or eyebrow. Each piercing is unique and has its own pros and cons. Not only does piercing different parts of your body allow for unique care steps, but the amount of pain that you experience and healing time are also dissimilar. A nasal piercing should not be a decision that you make on a whim. You should be prepared of what to expect before you choose this type of facial jewelry.

Before You Get Your Nose Pierced
It is always a good idea to run your desire to get your nose pierced by your doctor. The decision to get a nasal piercing is something that you should run by your doctor, because it could effect your breathing in various ways. Your doctor can let you know if a nose piercing is the right choice for you. There are some pre-existing health conditions that you may have that make a nasal piercing almost impossible. Complications can arise if you get a nasal piercing when it is not in your best interest do so. This means it is essential that you consult with your doctor before making this type of decision.

Care Tips
If you do decide to go ahead and get your nose pierced, you should remember a few care tips that will keep your nose from becoming infected. Keeping your nose from becoming infected should always be the priority with a nasal piercing. It is important that you keep germs at bay by washing the area at least 2 times each day. It is recommended that you use an antiseptic solution to wash or clean your nasal area. You can also care for your new nasal piercing by limiting touching this area to ensure that germs do not enter your nasal piercing.