What is the Alcoholics Anonymous Success Rate

What is the Alcoholics Anonymous Success Rate

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The urge to drink alcohol is a common situation that is being experienced by many people. When it comes to this point, it is now referred to as alcoholism. If water is the liquid that is vital for people, for alcoholics, it would be alcohol. Addiction to alcohol is an issue that so many organizations are trying to help people with for a long time now. To enable that, several places have been established where people can learn to cease drinking gradually. Among these is Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Goal of AA

The goal of AA is to help these people eliminate the urge to drink alcohol slowly, but effectively. It is a fellowship holding informal meetings that alcoholics can attend. It is a fellowship where these people can seek help to get sober and also where people can help make others finally reach sobriety. The arrival of AA gave so many people the hope that they have long been waiting for. It helped those who want to get sober, but are not able to succeed and those who want their loved ones to finally cease the drinking. It is also the most sought after fellowship because of the reported success rate.

However, there are still lots of people who are wondering of about what is the alcoholics anonymous success rate. There are still those who wanted to know the detailed information regarding the success rate of the program. Because of that, the effectiveness of the twelve-step program issue has been stirred. So, is the program truly that effective? If it is, what is its success rate?

Success Rates

If you are going to do some research about the subject, you will find plenty of reviews stating that the program has 80% success rate. However, there are others who are not convinced about it. It is not that there were no clinical studies conducted about the subject. In truth, there were already plenty of those that were conducted. However, nobody really knows the answer to what is the alcoholics anonymous success rate. As what others have stated, providing an accurate answer about the success rate of the program is difficult to acquire. Yes, there were studies conducted to answer the subject. But, the information that has been provided was often contradictory with each other.

Also, AA is also very particular and wanted to keep its anonymity. AA prohibits researchers in making any studies of the program just to state a figure for its success rate. But, to those who are really interested to know, the organization is making its survey regarding the subject. And, as for the most recent studies, the data presented were promising. It was specifically stated that 33% of the members remained sober for more than a decade. 12% remained sober for about 5 to 10 years. In the total percentage, there was only 31% who remained sober for as little as a year.

One thing can be said about this. Yes, the program is effective, but the success rate would sure be higher if there is the aim of keeping a tight control over not drinking.

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