Were Hispanics Segregated

Were Hispanics Segregated

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Segregation is known as the physical separation of the people based on their social custom and ethnicity. This is historically applied on Mexican Americans and African Americas. The racial attitudes which support the segregation have arrived in the state of Texas with slavery and peculiar institution.

The Expansion of Anglo-Americans

Even Anglo-Americans started to extend their segregation to Americans and Mexicans past the Texas Revolution. At the end of the Civil War, the segregation has developed into a group control. For minority groups, it has existed in residential districts, churches, schools, and public places like barber shops, theaters and restaurants. At the late year in the nineteenth century, segregation has flourished lawfully in places with black population. Most of the cities and towns have Mexican quarter and Negro quarter.

Somehow, the Hispanics are segregated although they are blended with the whites and they looked whites. They have their cheap reputation because they are known as kept laborers. They are not valued and they are trusted in helping people win on the war in opposition to the Italians.

Due to the reason that they are segregated, the social roles, faiths, customs, atmosphere, and society of the Hispanic students are affected. There is a cultural gap between the financial status, habits, surroundings, lifestyle the between the Hispanic students and American students.

As a result, the Hispanic students are performing academically poorer. There are also programs that worked well only on the progress of the Whites and not for Hispanics. Students are segregated into group that results to oppressed classes. Hispanics are placed in the lowest level of strata. The underlying policy of the school was seen as Afro-Americans and Hispanic are classified into one group.

Segregation Among the Hispanic Population

Based on the new research, it was clearly shown that Hispanics that are being segregated from the whites have declined. The analysis showed that there is a decline in the segregation for different Hispanic groups, but not with Mexicans.

Mexicans are known to be a huge force in the Southwest and California. They predominantly established their own generations and attracted more of them. The concentration even leads to a deeper and more segregation. It was also noted that there is a lower rate on Mexicans becoming immigrants. Almost third of the five point four million Mexican immigrants are eligible on citizenship. Not only Mexicans, but Central Americans and Dominicans are living in highly-segregated places.

Dominicans also suffered from intense segregation but, so far, they have moved a bit. According to the recent research, there is a sense of difficulty on reaching to Hispanics as a solid and homogenous group. This is an issue which influences the politics of the country. With the republican senator that represent the state of Florida, Marco Rubio, is known to appeal to many Hispanics. Cubans are very different from Hispanics with their high income.

According to the report, it shows that Hispanics are living in the neighborhoods are less educated and are poorer residents. Mexicans are educated less and are known to suffer from high poverty and low incomes. Panamanians and South Americans are the most educated. Puerto Ricans, South Americans and Cubans are earning more than the average as compared to other Hispanics. Central Americans and Dominicans are earning less and suffer from extreme poverty rates.

Hispanic Earning Potential and Trends