Type of Hate Crimes Against Hispanics

Type of Hate Crimes Against Hispanics

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According to the Bureau of Justice, attacks on the Hispanic community in the United States have increased in recent years. In 2011, the Hate Crime Victimization report and the Census-driven study state that hate crimes against Hispanics is 0.6% per 1000 persons aging 12 years and older. This has increased in 2012 with 2.0% per 1000 Hispanics.

What the Statistics Show

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting in Hate Crimes Statistics published the statistics for the hate crimes against Hispanics living in the U.S. The data provide information about the victims, the offenders, the type of offenses, and the location where the incidents happened. Due to the unique nature of the hate crimes, the UCR does not estimate the offenses or the agencies jurisdictions who have not submitted their reports.

In the recent year, there were 5, 790 hate crimes against the Hispanics. The 48% of the hate crimes were motivated by racial bias, sexual orientation bias 19.6%, religious bias 19%, and ethnicity or national origin bias 11.5%. Also, the hate crimes against disabilities accounted for 1.6%. These are just single-bias incidents, but there were 6 multiple hate crimes incidents reported before the ends of the recent year.

There were 3,968 hate crimes against Hispanics, and most of these offenses are classified crimes against a single person. Simple crimes accounted for 39.6%, aggravated assault 21.5% and intimidation 37.5%. There were also 15 forcible rapes and 10 murders reported hate crimes against the Hispanics.

Types of Crimes Against Hispanics

Hate crime against Hispanic property accounted for 2,547 offenses. The acts of damage, vandalism, and destruction of Hispanic property accounted for 74.8%. The remaining 25.5% hate crimes against Hispanic property are acts of burglary, robbery, arson, vehicle theft, and other property offenses. There were 5,331 offenders; 54.6% of them are whites and 23.3% of them are blacks. The race of the remaining 11.5% of offenders was unknown. Other races are also known to attack Hispanics in the U.S.

The F.B.I. reported that 32.6% or most of the hate crimes occurred in or near Hispanic homes. The 18.3% of hate crimes occurred in roads, highways, streets, or alleys; 8.3% of them occurred in colleges or school campuses; 5.7% happened on garages, drop lots, or parking lots. The report of the F.B.I. states that 4.1 of the hate crimes occurred at mosques, temples, synagogues, or churches. The 12.88 locations of the hate crimes were reported unknown, and the remainder of the location of the hate crime incidents occurred in multiple locations.

The increasing hate crimes against Hispanics are caused by different reasons. Hispanics or Latinos are often framed, according to the immigration debates. Hispanics are blamed for stealing jobs from real Americans, and spreading illnesses like tuberculosis and leprosy. Latinos are also blamed for the rising taxes in the U.S. These blames make others not just to resent them, but to dehumanize them, which led to hate crimes.

Most of the hate criminals, commonly young men, believe that they carry out the unspoken, pervert wishes of the American communities against Latinos, reported by CNN in 2008.

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