Top 9 Pros and Cons of Cloning Humans

Top 9 Pros and Cons of Cloning Humans

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When it comes to causing controversy and creating quite a stir, few topics are as polarizing and anger inducing as human cloning. At one time human cloning was seen as a profound achievement in the field of biology, but that is no longer the opinion of some. Human cloning has quickly become a topic that is extremely controversial and starts debate all over the world. Coming to an agreement on the issue of human cloning is not easy. However, a deeper understanding of this issue can lead to some clarity. Taking a look at human cloning from both sides and comparing the pros against the cons allows for a different perspective.

What is Human Cloning?

Some of the controversy and differing opinion involving human cloning can be due to the complexity of this issue. Human cloning is not something that is easily understood or explained. It is a very complex process that involves a variety of different elements. In basic terms, human cloning is essentially the process of making a genetically identical copy of a human. Not only is human cloning the creation of a copy of a person, but it is also used to describe the creation of copied cells or tissue of any individual. It is easier to understand the process of human cloning when you compare it to the process that takes place when human twins are conceived. However, the main difference is that the birth of human twins is seen as a natural practice, but human cloning is seen as artificial in nature.

There are basically two different groups of human cloning that have been identified. Human reproductive cloning is the term used to describe the process that takes place when a human clone is created. Therapeutic cloning is slightly different and involves the process of cloning human cells for use in medical research. Each type is seen as a form of cloning, but they are classified differently.

Is it Good or Bad?

Trying to determine if human cloning is good or bad is almost an impossible endeavor. Almost everything under the sun has both positives and negatives. This is no different for human cloning. Before you come to your own conclusion on the topic of human cloning, it is always a wise idea to be fully informed on both sides of the issue. This means that you should know about both the pros and cons. Determining if this process is safe or ethical is normally up to personal opinion, but having more information at your disposal never hurts.

What Are the Pros of Cloning Humans

1. Innovation That Can Change the World
Cloning is innovation that is extremely powerful and has the ability to bring about huge change. Not only can the animal and plant population be revived with cloning, but human cloning has the potential to offer huge benefits to those people living.

2. Infertile Couple Can Have Children
Human cloning has the ability to make it possible for couples that were once not able to have their own children to finally have babies without having to use sperm donation or surrogacy. Reproductive cloning can be the wave of the future for those couples that are labeled as infertile. Giving all people the ability to have their own children is a huge benefit that human cloning can eventually provide down the line.

3. New Meaning of Genetic Modification
Through the use of human cloning it will also be possible for potential parents to actually choose specific traits for their child. This means that sex, eye color and other traits can be chosen and not left up to chance. Many people see this as a huge benefit and a way to use science in a new light.

4. Curing Disorders
Human cloning also has the potential to help cure certain disorders. Through therapeutic cloning treating various diseases and disorders can be done by replacing damaged organs and tissues within the body. This means that the process of human organ transplantation can become simplified and the success rate can be improved immensely. The medical benefits that are possible through human cloning are not even fully known. It has the ability to completely transform and alter the way that many diseases and disorders are treated.

What Are the Cons of Cloning Humans

1. Interfering With Nature
Many that are opposed to human cloning feel that this process is artificial and interferes with nature. Critics of human cloning seem to believe that the natural process of procreation is not something that should be altered or corrected. They feel that this form of interference is decidedly wrong. Many feel that interfering with the natural process of procreation would lead to a domino effect. This means that other attributes of life could be altered or changed as a result. If genes are modified to create smarter being those that are average will not have a place in society.

2. Divide Among People
Another downside to human cloning is the ability to divide people. Clones that are not treated as humans can lead to division and unrest. Since there already seems to be so much division and difference in the world from race to caste, many feel that a new difference will only result in more harm.

3. Religion and Human Cloning
Those that have strong religious beliefs are often opposed to the process of human cloning. They feel as though it will result in man becoming the creator and it changes the authority of the supreme being. Since religion comes into play on the topic of human cloning this can lead to very passionate opinions that are emotional and not necessarily based on fact. No matter the basis of these opinions, religion is a motivating factor that keeps many from agreeing with human cloning.

4. Failure of Human Cloning
Others that are opposed to human cloning feel that it is a mute debate since human cloning is primarily unsuccessful. Over 90% of attempts at human cloning have been labeled as a failure. This means that human DNA is put at risk during the human cloning process. Human DNA can be contaminated and the chances o success are very rare. The implications of what happens when human cloning goes wrong are not fully understood, which is not ideal. This could lead to a set of problems that we have no ability to handle.

5. Exploitation
It is also not known completely if human cloning might eventually be used to exploit people for the vested interests of others. Some people might use clones for crime or other unlawful interests. This might seem like a scenario straight from a sci-fi film, but it is possible if human cloning takes place.

Final Verdict

Human cloning is a process that can have a huge impact on the world of medicine, but there are so many unknown variable. Due to the ethical questions surrounding this issue an agreement on this topic might never be reached. Human cloning still has a lot of what ifs associated with it.