Top 8 Pros and Cons of Living in California

Top 8 Pros and Cons of Living in California

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When you are looking for the perfect location to call home, you have a variety of options to choose from. From east coast living to west coast living, you can get access to different benefits depending on the state that you choose to reside in. When you think of California many images probably flash in your mind, but actually living in California might not be just as it seems.

Before you pick up all your belongings and head for California, you might be interested in learning what you can expect. Every state has something different to offer and living in California is completely different than living in any other part of the world. I you really want to find out if you are cut out for California living, you might try learning about the pros and cons that come attached to living in California. While everything about California might not be seen as a positive, there are still some great benefits to consider.

Pros of Living in California

The good aspects of living in California are numerous. There are many different benefits that California residents get access to that others living in other parts of the world might miss out on. California living might not be ideal for everyone, but these pros of living in California might be enough to make you want to move there.

1. Amazing Weather
Weather is important because it effects how you spend most of your days. Bad weather can make your commute longer or keep you cooped up in the house during the weekend. For this reason, the amazing weather that you can expect in California is a huge selling point. It seems like living in California allows you to miss out on all the bad parts of the weather. Rain and cold temperatures are not something that you have to deal with when living in California. During the year you can expect about 330 days filled with sunshine and very few days with rain.

With most days consisting of temperatures that range in the upper 70’s and 80’s, you can do outdoor activities year round. Having a wardrobe that consists of tank tops and shorts for the year is nothing unheard of. You don’t have to cover up because the weather seems to always cooperate. If you are someone that likes to spend time outdoors staying active, you can definitely enjoy the weather perk that comes with living in California.

2. High Paying Salaries
The cost of living in California may be higher than other locations, but you can also expect higher salaries. Many of the career options or industries that are based in California are better paying. This means that living in California could give you access to a higher salary. The number of career opportunities in California are not limited and include teaching, nursing programming, dancing, cooking and so much more. If you are looking to further your career, the California job market might be the place to break through.

3. Beach
There are not a lot of places that you can live where beaches are all over. If you choose to live in California finding a beach is simple and easy. With so many beaches to choose from, you can find one within close range of your home no matter where in California you reside. Many people choose to live in California due to the laid back beach attitude that exists in this region. At any time you can choose to just take a trip to the beach and the weather will normally cooperate with you. It is almost like being on vacation year-round. What could be better than living right by the beach and water?

4. Great Universities
If you have children or are looking to pursue your own education, you will find the great universities in California very appealing. California is home to a large variety of great universities that are ideal for education. Living in a region where so many great universities reside is great for residents and brings in more money for all local businesses and industries. California is the place to be and everyone that lives in this region benefits from this fact.

5. Own Your Own Car
Even though you get to live in a city with so many attractions and things to do, you still get to own your own car. Many packed cities including New York make it difficult to own your own car, but living in California is very different. You have the ability to own your own car and not rely on public transportation to get you where you need to be.

Cons of Living in California

Even though you might think that living in California is dream-like, you might be up for a rude awakening. There might be a lot of great beaches and beautiful weather, but there are some downsides to consider. You need to be aware of the negative aspects of living in California before you move to this region. The cons of living in California may surprise you.

1. Traffic
Even though it is possible to own your own car in California, it might take you forever to get anywhere in it. The traffic in California can be a huge issue. There are many people living in California and this leads to traffic issues that can make your commute to work take forever. Some parts of California have worse traffic than others and this is especially true for the Southern California regions. If you do not like dealing with traffic on a daily basis, living in California might not be for you.

2. Cost of Living
The cost of living in California is somewhat higher than other regions. There might be more career opportunities if you have the right education and training, but if you are just starting out the high prices of living in California might not be manageable for you. You need to consider rent prices and the total cost of living in California before you relocate to this region.

3. Hot Temperatures
Even though the weather can often be seen as a huge selling point the hot temperatures in California are not meant for everyone. While the temperatures can sometimes be mild and hover around the 70’s or 80’s, there is also a large portion of the year when temperatures in the 100’s are the norm. This can lead to sweltering heat that can be hard for some to deal with on a daily basis. Living in California is a personal decision, but you should know both the pros and cons before you move.

What Factors Matter?

When you are thinking about the state that you want to live in there are a number of factors to consider. Not only do you have to think about the job market in any location, but other factors including weather, sports teams, attractions, population, traffic, pollution and so much more are important. There are so many different things that you have to consider when you are looking for the best place to live in. Before you come to your own conclusion on what to expect when living in California, you should start by just becoming more informed. You might realize that California living might not be cut out for you.