Top 7 Pros and Cons of Permanent Eyeliner

Top 7 Pros and Cons of Permanent Eyeliner

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Applying makeup every day can be a drag. There is the cost and time associated with purchasing cosmetic supplies. From spending the money to driving out to a store, this is time wasted. And yet, more often then not we find ourselves in a position where we spend these resources to keep up an appearance. Whether you like applying and wearing makeup or not, it can sometimes get boring and repetitive. That being said, there are ways to speed up the process and save money as a result.

One of the more drastic choices people have chosen is to get permanent makeup. Applied in a way similar to a tattoo, permanent makeup means never having to apply makeup again. One of the most popular kinds of permanent makeup is permanent eye liner. With a brief amount of cosmetic surgery, you can save a great deal of time and hassle down the road. Given how debated and even sensitive this subject can be, lets take a moment to carefully list the pros and cons associated with permanent eye liner. In addition, we will describe what permanent eye liner will mean.

The Pros of Permanent Eye Liner

Though permanent eye liner may seem extreme at first, there are a number of pros associated with getting this cosmetic procedure, especially if you apply makeup daily. Lets take a moment to see why people are opting in to permanent eye liner and how it will benefit your time management and daily routine.

1. It Will Save You Money
Permanent eye liner has a single up front cost. Once you have paid for it, then you will never have to buy eye liner again. If you love the look that eye liner provides but hate the cost in purchasing it as well as gas driving to the store, then permanent eye liner will save you money. You will make up the cost of the procedure and even save into the future. It is for this reason that permanent eye liner is considered a wise financial investment.

2. It Will Save You Time Every Day
You will save time every single day when you get the permanent eye liner procedure. If you apply eye liner daily, then permanent eye liner will give you a finished look with no effort involved. You will never have to touch up the eye liner, or spend time removing it from your face at the end of the day. Given how valuable time is, minutes a day can mean more time in the morning to enjoy what life has to offer, instead of preparing for it

3. You Do Not Have To Worry About Your Eye Liner Becoming Flawed
Any number of things can happen to ruin makeup. Permanent eye liner removes the chance of these things happening. Now no amount of smudging will result in messed up eye liner. In addition, water and streaking will not effect how your eye liner looks as well. You will never be in a position where your eye liner is anything but what you want it to be. Simply put, you will no longer have to worry how it looks.

The Cons of Permanent Eye Liner

While permanent eye line can provide a number of benefits, there are also a number of disadvantages associated with the cosmetic procedure. Lets review a few of them now so you can review the bad, as well as the good regarding this cosmetic procedure.

1. The Procedure Can Hurt
As was stated before, having a cosmetic procedure done on one of the most sensitive parts of your body can be painful. If you do not like pain, then you will want to consider. The upside to the procedure is that the pain is usually not long lived. It will only last for a little while before going away. If pain continues, then you may have to see a doctor.

2. Your Skin Can Become Sensitive And Irritable
Do you have sensitive skin? If your answer is yes, then permanent eye liner may not be right for you. Permanent eye liner can cause scarring and even puffiness. Both have been reported among individuals who have very sensitive as well as moderately sensitive skin. In addition, having the procedure done can open you to infection, which will require treatment. Either way, if you have skin that is sensitive, then consider alternatives to permanent eye liner as it may be more trouble then its worth.

3. It Is Hard To Change The Look Once Done
Permanent eye liner is great when you like a heavy makeup or moderate makeup look. However, if you want a dressed down look, then it will be hard to nearly impossible to hide the eye liner after the procedure. In addition, changing the look may be a challenge over time. Hiding or expanding your eye liner may cause scarring and sensitivity. No matter how you look at it, changing your eye liner look will become a hassle if you do not like what you have.

4. There May Be Additional Cost
While permanent eye liner means that you are saving in the long term on cosmetics, it does not mean that it will last for ever. More often then not, people who have gotten permanent eye liner will want to update their look because of fading. This will be an additional cost on top of whatever you spent for the original cosmetic procedure. You should also consider the possibility that you may become bored with the look you have and want to change it. With permanent eye liner, this will require way more effort then simply washing your face. Instead, you will have to get the cosmetic procedure again.

A Brief Description of What Permanent Eye Liner means

Permanent eye liner is a cosmetic procedure that creates a permanent eye liner look. Working around the most sensitive part of your body, permanent eye liner is done very slowly and carefully. In addition, it will require some time and attention to make sure it heals properly.

While there are some potential side effects to the procedure, most people go through the procedure without a problem. However, as with any life changing procedure, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding.

Permanent eye liner can save you time every morning when you get ready. In addition, it can save you money by reducing the amount of cosmetics you purchase. Along with not having to worry about your eye liner becoming smudged, you can rest assured that your look will remain perfect all day. On the other hand, permanent eye liner requires a cosmetic procedure that can cause damage to sensitive skin.

In addition, it can the potential to produce scarring, and may need to be touched up in the future. With both of these points in mind, whether or not you get permanent eye liner will depend on your needs and the amount of free time you have during your day. Until you decide, good luck figuring out whether or not to get permanent eye liner.