Top 6 Pros and Cons of Three Gorges Dam

Top 6 Pros and Cons of Three Gorges Dam

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Finding alternative ways to produce energy is what most countries rely on. The Three Gorges Dam produces hydroelectric energy. It is an innovative energy source, but it has been met with much controversy and debate. In order to come to your own conclusion on the need for the Three Gorges Dam, you have to thoroughly consider both the pros and cons of this hydroelectric energy source.

Before you decide for yourself if the Three Gorges Dam is the ideal way to produce energy in China, you need to take a closer look at the facts. This means that you need to approach both sides of the argument from an unbiased perspective. After you have compared the pros and cons against one another, you will be able to come to a more conclusive viewpoint on the topic. Comparing the pros and cons is always the best way to choose your own side in any argument.

Pros of Three Gorges Dam

1. Flood Control
The completion of this dam took place in 2009 and it has offered a variety of benefits to China and the world as a whole ever since. Flood control is one major pro to using the Three Gorges Dam as an energy source. The Yangtze River is what the Three Gorges Dam depends on for its water source and before the completion of the dam, it was often a source of flooding in China.

However, this seasonal flooding problem that the Yangtze River would undoubtedly create each year is no longer an issue thanks to the Three Gorges Dam. Controlling flooding is what the dam provides by keeping high levels of water from reaching important cities including Wuhan, Nanjing and Shanghai. These cities are situated closely to the Yangtze River and in the past were constantly flooding, but the Three Gorges Dam electively controls this flooding and keeps it from occurring.

2. Power Generation
The biggest benefit that can be gained from the Three Gorges Dam is the high amounts of power that it produces for China. It is the largest power producer in the entire world, which is a huge feet and a very high amount of energy production. The power needs of China have consistently been on the rise since 3003 and only grow exponentially each year. The Three Gorges Dam has been able to successfully keep up with the power production needs of China and new turbines and generators can be added as electricity use continues to go on the rise. The Three Gorges Dam is so powerful that it could provide enough electricity to power the entire nation on its own.

3. Navigating Cruise Ships
One pro for the Three Gorges Dam that most people are unfamiliar with involves the navigation of cruise ships. The installment of ship locks and a ship lift on the dam allow for safer travels for cruise ships.

Cons of Three Gorges Dam

1. Water Pollution
There may be some positives attached to using the Three Gorges Dam as an energy source, but not everything surrounding this dam is beneficial. Water pollution is an ever growing concern in China due to the use of the Three Gorges Dam. There is quite a lot of land eroding around the Yangtze River taking place upstream. This results in high amounts of water pollution, which is not ideal.

2. Migration and the Three gorges Dam
Another major con surrounding the Three Gorges Dam involves the issue of migration. It has been predicted that 2 cities, 11 counties and more than 325 townships will have to be resettled due to the dam. This means that more than one million people will have to relocate as a result of the Three Gorges Dam.

3. Environmental Aspect of the Three Gorges Dam
Aside from everything else, the largest concern involving the Three Gorges Dam is the effect on the environment. Not only has a great deal of landscape had to be changed and altered to accommodate the dam, but this leads to environment issues including climate deterioration, plant and wildlife disappearance and the submergence of historical relics. The environmental issues involving the dam will only continue to grow as expansion takes place. It is not an energy source that is good for the environment, which means that more issues will continue to arise as time goes on.

What Exactly is Hydroelectric Energy?

The Three Gorges Dam creates hydroelectric energy by using the flow of huge amounts of water through turbines. This type of energy source is considered to be renewable and consistent levels of power can be produced at all times. This means that the Three Gorges Dam is not dependent on the weather in any way. Even when droughts are taking place, it is possible for electricity to continue to be produced by this dam. It is unique in design and is unlike wind or solar power.

Creation of The Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam resides in China and is one of the largest hydroelectric dams in all of existence. However, it is important to note that there has always been a great deal of controversy and even unrest centered on the creation of this dam. Many questions and concerns have been raised as both sides have battled it out over the advantages and disadvantages surrounding the Three Gorges Dam in China. The main concerns that have been raised surrounding the Three Gorges Dam include its viability to generate enough electricity, both social impact and financial cost and the changing energy needs in China. All of these issues are only becoming more relevant as time passes.

China’s Power Needs

There is a lot of debate about the pros and cons of the Three Gorges Dam, because it impacts more countries than just China. It is safe to say that China is the world’s factory. This means that products for the entire world are often manufactured in China. Keeping energy costs low also allows for manufacturing costs to stay down. As China benefits from low cost energy created by the Three Gorges Dam, the world also benefits as manufacturing prices can also stay low.

Environmental Impact of the Three Gorges Dam

Many that are opposed to the Three Gorges Dam feel that more environmentally friendly methods for energy production are possible. Some feel that the negative impact the three Gorges Dam has on the environment is too costly and is not worth the small energy savings that it allows right now. Paying a high price in the future environmentally is what many feel the Three Gorges Dam will result in later on.

Final Verdict on the Three Gorges Dam

There are both pros and cons associated with the Three Gorges Dam. It is an issue that causes quite a bit of controversy in not only China, but also all over the world. Since China is a huge manufacturer for the world, the energy source in this region is relevant to more than just China. Both sides of the issue have relevant points and both the pros and cons are centered on real facts. At this time, the Three Gorges Dam might be the best energy source option for China.