Top 5 Pros and Cons of Belly Button Piercings

Top 5 Pros and Cons of Belly Button Piercings

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Many women and some men are fascinated with the idea of belly button piercing. There is nothing wrong in doing something that is not strictly ordinary or mainstream. For millennia, humans have opted for body piercings, tattoos and various types of ornamentations. Some had religious significance while some were purely for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes. Belly button piercing can be cosmetic, aesthetic, a sign of rebellion or just a style statement. More people are interested in the fashion impact of a belly button ornament or ring instead of it being a sign of rebellion. Tattoos and body piercings have become more common and they are not regarded as an out-worldly or revolutionary sign anymore.

The Pros of Belly Button Piercings

1. Bring Out Your Stylish Side
The first major advantage is that you get to sport some jewelry or any kind of ornament without doing something overly weird or flashy and yet have a unique style element. Facial piercings are much too obvious. A piece or ornament or jewelry in the belly button can complement any casual attire when the waist is visible.

2. Easily Concealable
The second major advantage is that you don’t have to compromise on any aspect of your lifestyle to stylize your belly. You can easily conceal the piercing when you wear normal clothes. You don’t even need to remove the ornament or piece of jewelry if you are attending office and wearing a normal suit or dress. The discreetness is what makes more women and men interested in belly buttons. Also, the jewelry or ornament can be easily removed. Tattoos are removable but they are mostly permanent. Besides, a lot goes into the removal of tattoos. The process is expensive and takes time, the results are not certain and there may be some marks left over after the removal. With belly button piercing, you can just remove the jewelry or ornament and stop wearing it and the skin will get healed on its own closing the pore.

The Cons of Belly Button Piercings

1. Waiting for the Piercing to Heal
A major challenge of such piercing is the healing time. Most women and men wouldn’t have such piercings when they are young so it is unlikely that the skin would be very soft and supple. As we grow up, our skin tends to become less elastic and it would take longer to heal. Thus, when the piercing is done, it may take months or even a year to heal completely. In other words, you may have to wait for a really long time before you can actually make a fashion statement.

2. High Maintenance
There is some very serious and arduous maintenance that you have to indulge in. There is a long list of do’s and don’ts that you would have to adhere to. You will need to avoid swimming pools and even hot tubs. You would have to wear loose clothes and you have to indulge in cleanings daily. You cannot really rub the area and have to prevent all kinds of physical impact in your navel region. These are all to facilitate the healing process. Any infection, bruise, pressure or failure to care for the pierced area will lead to a longer healing time and there could be some more serious complications.

3. Your Body May Not Agree With Your Decision
Not everyone would have the best of experience with belly button piercing. In odd cases, the human body rejects the piercing or the jewelry and ornaments being worn. In some cases, the skin wouldn’t allow a pore to remain open. It would consistently close the pore. In some cases, the skin around the hole would become thinner whenever an ornament or piece of jewelry would be put on. These can happen due to many reasons, from an improper piercing to the type of skin one has. At times, the hole tends to become larger and larger which is also undesirable and in such cases one should avoid wearing anything and should allow the hole to heal itself.

Is It Worth Getting a Belly Button Piercing?

Be prepared to take care of your health and you would have to adhere to the instructions of the piercer to ensure a quick healing time. You should be ready to deal with the complications should they arise and be perfectly sure that you are ready.

When smartly done, belly button piercing can be very desirable. It is a fascinating piece of body art that can highlight your flat abs and can make you stand out in the crowd. If you like expensive jewelry then this may satiate your quest for the next cool thing. However, there are some risks of belly button piercing. It is best to understand the belly button piercing pros and cons before you opt for it.

Lets consider the reality that not everyone is suited for a belly button piercing. Those who don’t have an innie belly button cannot opt for any kind of piercing. Many people have diabetes, hemophilia and a range of skin conditions. All such health ailments or conditions will make piercing impossible or dangerous. Autoimmune diseases would also make you ineligible for such piercings. You can only opt for any kind of body piercing when you don’t have any serious health condition or any specific problem with your skin.

If you have had problems in the past with wounds taking a long time to heal or you have a tendency to lose a lot of blood whenever you have a small cut then you shouldn’t opt for such piercings. Women should not opt for piercing at the time of pregnancy or when they are planning to have a child. Post pregnancy piercing is also not advisable because the skin is a tad vulnerable. Once the skin retains its original form after the delivery, then it is a suitable time for belly button piercing.

Be Safer Than Sorry

Get yourself checked by a doctor to know if you have any condition that could make piercing impossible or unsuitable. Always choose the best piercer in town. Don’t go with any random reference. Know for certain that the professional has a ton of experience and an amazing track record. Always prepare yourself before the piercing as instructed by the professional and also adhere to the instructions to take care of the area after the piercing is done. There are many ways you can risk the piercing and the belly button after the piercing is done.

It is always wise to be safe than sorry. Don’t indulge in any wild experimentation unless you are certain of its safety. Don’t wear metals or any jewelry that are not good for the skin or would cause an allergic reaction if you have such vulnerability. Also, the quality of ornaments you buy should be beyond question as any poor material can cause irreparable harm to your skin and your health to an extent.