Top 24 Pros and Cons of Living in Hawaii

Top 24 Pros and Cons of Living in Hawaii

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Every city, state or region has its advantages and disadvantages. Some cities or states have more pros than cons while some have more negative attributes than positive or desirable ones. Living in Hawaii is no different. You may like living in Hawaii or you may hate it. There are natives of the place who would live nowhere else in the world and yet there are people who hail from the place but have moved to other parts of the country and the world. Hawaii has been pegged as a paradise for a long time now. It is debatable to an extent if it is indeed a paradise. Given the number of tourists flocking to Hawaii and all its islands every year, it does seem to live up to its hype of being a paradise. But if you are considering moving to Hawaii or if you have to live on the islands, then you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages objectively.

Here are the living in Hawaii pros and cons for you to know more about the ground reality.


1. Hawaii is a relatively safe place. It is pegged as one of the safest places in the country and also in the world. However, there are the odd crimes, break-ins, carjacking and other relatively nonviolent crimes. Serious or grave crimes are indeed rare.

2. Hawaii has one of the best public transport systems in the world. The bus system in Oahu and Honolulu has actually been voted as the best in the country.

3. There is no death of options when it comes to dining out in the islands. There are more than four thousand restaurants catering almost every cuisine in the world. You would never go hungry in the islands and you will always have something exciting to satiate your palate and appetite.

4. Hawaii is indeed a paradise if one simply looks at the setting. Being a group of islands, there are numerous beaches, seafronts and the view anywhere is just amazing. You don’t actually need to be on the beach to enjoy spectacular views. You can be anywhere on any island and you would always enjoy a fascinating scenery. Everywhere you look, you would either find some lush green settings or some exotic landscape, some pristine coastlines or an enticing sky.

5. The weather of Hawaii is another advantage, especially for those who don’t like the frigid or temperate climates. Hawaii has a moderate climate but it can get quite hot during the summers. There is rain, wind and the sun. If you like tropical or maritime climate, then Hawaii will be ideal for you.

6. Hawaii has a great culture. It is one of the rare places in the country where the old culture has been preserved. There are local festivals, dances and many rituals of the era before the twentieth century boom have considerable presence in the society.

7. Hawaiians are great people. They love to eat, drink and they are always welcoming of other people, whether they are tourists or people moving into the cities or any of the islands. All the Hawaiians hold dear is respect. If you can be respectful to them, be warm and friendly, don’t ridicule their presence or their culture and go about your job, then you would be treated with their hospitality.

8. Hawaii is often referred to as a canvas because nature paints various kinds of images in the skies. The weather plays a role at times with beautiful clouds, rain brings with it the play of colors in certain areas and there are the sunsets, sunrises, waterfalls, the oceanic brilliance and the local flora and fauna. There is the aspect of seafood as well which you cannot have enough of.

9. Hawaii is great for outdoor activities. There is no season when you cannot be outdoors. From golf to fishing, cards to jogging, Hawaii is ideal for all kinds of games and fun activities.

10. Hawaii is also a paradise when it comes to partying. You will never run out of options if you wish to let your hair down. From partying on the beach to some amazing pubs and resorts, Hawaii has everything to keep you satiated. Every day can be like a holiday and the whole year can be like a vacation for you in Hawaii.

11. Hawaii is home to people from all parts of the country and several other countries. This has lead to a great mix of people from various ethnicities and races. If you like a cosmopolitan setting, then Hawaii will please you.

12. Hawaii is also great for those who love adventures. If you like surfing, kayaking, scuba diving or even paragliding, then you will always have something to do on the islands.

13. You would also love the various creatures of nature, from sharks to sea turtles, dolphins to the hundreds of various species of fishes.

14. Hawaii also hosts some pretty good private schools which offer quality education. If you have kids, then you don’t really have to worry about the quality of education they get.


1. Hawaii is expensive. If you end up in Honolulu, then brace yourself for a shock. From housing to milk, education to ordinary food items, every price will shock you. The city of Honolulu is one of the costliest in the entire world. You will be surprised to find that a home that would have cost you two hundred or three hundred thousand in California would cost you twice that amount in Hawaii. Renting is also expensive, unless you are on one of the lesser popular and less populated islands.

2. Hawaii can be too hot for you if you don’t like tropical climates. You would also have to deal with the humidity. The rain brings in some relief and the wind makes things better for a while but then there is the sun again and a lot of sweat to be dealt with. There is no winter in Hawaii.

3. You will have to deal with a lot of chaos if you are not far away from the bustling tourist places. While all that noise may seem cheering at first, it would become irritating once you start living in Hawaii, especially if you are close to tourist attractions.

4. Hawaii has a phenomenon known as vog or volcanic fog. This is an irritant. Although it may look captivating in a video or from above, it actually causes irritations in the eye and people may have respiratory problems.

5. Drugs are a major problem in Hawaii. The crime rates may be low but high alcoholism and drug use make people feel more vulnerable.

6. The traffic in Hawaii is extremely frustrating. You may get stuck for half an hour for just quarter of a mile in certain places. Also, the speed limits in various parts of Hawaii are outright ridiculous.

7. Physical contact with the mainland would be quite a challenge. Things take longer to be shipped to and from Hawaii.

8. The spectacle that Hawaii was once is being threatened by rampant construction of various kinds of establishments, from hotels to commercial buildings, artificial environments to private real estate.

9. Hawaii doesn’t have many career opportunities. The tourism industry however offers plenty of jobs and business opportunities.

10. Hawaiian schools are extremely expensive. Many families struggle to manage the costs of education, especially if they have more than one kid.