Top 13 Pros and Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands

Top 13 Pros and Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands

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Choosing a wedding band set is serious business. You want to make sure that you choose something that will last, that is durable so you can wear it all the time and that you are happy with. Tungsten is a newer wedding band material that is not as precious as gold or silver but it can get the job done for you.

There is a slew of options when it comes to choosing a Tungsten carbide wedding ring as far as style is concerned and of course there are some strange rumors about this durable material as well. Tungsten is a powerful material that will last you a lifetime.

It is is usually silver or black in color. It can be stamped or has other detailing on it to make it more stylish and attractive. There are plenty of really nice sets available that will last you a lifetime!

The Pros

1. Right out the gate one of the biggest pros is that Tungsten wedding bands are less expensive than any other material that is meant to last. It never turns color like other cheap metals will with time. It stays true to its color and design for years and years AND it is an inexpensive option.

2. Other pros include that there is a full range of styles to choose from. They never bend, scratch or get out of shape. They are very durable which makes a great option for anyone that works with their hands or in construction.

3. They can really take a beating and for the money you can not go wrong. These rings stay the exact same color as the day you bought them. If you choose a shiny style then you can guarantee that it will stay shiny, a matter finish always stays matte without any scratches.

4. Tungsten is harder than titanium. That means on your 25th wedding anniversary your rings will still look new! It is a great choice for any bride and groom. This is the only metal that only has to be polished one time! You never have to take it back to the jeweler to have it cleaned or polished. You simply run it under warm water and wipe it off with a dry cloth!

5. The easy maintenance and care is a huge pro for this type of ring. You do not have to worry about chemical build up or lotion build up. You do not have to worry about it losing its sheen. It lasts a lifetime. What you see is what you get with a Tungsten wedding band. Plenty of other metals can not offer you the same guarantee. Typically with the more precious metals over time the sheen fades, scratches appear and it starts to look down right shabby! Tungsten wedding bands never let you down.

They remain as beautiful as the day you picked them out with truly minimal care.

The Cons

1. There were some rumors floating around a few years ago about these type of wedding rings. A rumor was started that Tungsten was so strong and powerful that even an emergency room doctor could not cut it off that the finger would have to be removed if there was an emergency.

2. This rumor is not true, Tungsten wedding bands can be cut off if they need to be BUT do keep in mind that these rings CAN NOT be resized, so if your ring is a little snug you do want to go up in size. It is better to get a ring that is a little larger than requires a ring guard than to buy a ring that fits snugly because if you gain weight your wedding band will not fit.

3. As a matter of fact the Tungsten wedding bands may be actually safer for you if you are in an accident involving your ring finger or if you work in an industry where your ring can get crushed. It will not crush or bend under pressure which means that you will very likely never know what it is like to have to have a ring cut off because of a crushing incident.

4. Should your ring finger become injured and it is required that the ring is cut off to help treat the injury, it can easily be cut off in the emergency room!

5. Use a reputable jeweler to buy your rings so that you can be properly sized and they will have more options for sizing as well. The wrong sized ring can really cause issues since jewelers do not have the tools that are necessary to cut and resize. It is also thought that cutting into the Tungsten also makes the metal weaker meaning it can not be guaranteed to perform like it should.

6. Beware of the cheaper versions of these rings. While over all they are much less expensive than other traditional metals like gold and silver opting for the cheapest varieties that use cobalt as the alloy can discolor your finger and turn it brown. Look for options that use nickel as the alloy. Stick with well known brands and again visit a jeweler with a good reputation so you do not get stuck with a ring that is going to tint your finger.

7. The cancer connection that is often mentioned regarding rings made from Tungsten and Cobalt while there is some evidence that the two materials mixed together may be a carcinogen but only in its powdered form.

Once the Tungsten and cobalt are combined and formed into the ring it renders the chemicals harmless.

8. One con is that the Tungsten wedding bands are purely sentimental they hold no real value to anyone but you and your spouse. Unlike gold that can fluctuate in price and actually become a lot more valuable with time Tungsten will likely always remain an affordable option.


Tungsten wedding bands are an excellent choice for anyone that wants to have a durable long lasting wedding band. The pros seriously outweigh the cons and the possibilities are unlimited when it comes to styling.

This is a good investment for anyone that works in the construction industry or in any industry where they use their hands and would have to take off a traditional wedding band to protect it. It is also a good choice for anyone that needs a wedding band that will last a long time without any fear of crushing it.

It is also an excellent choice for anyone that wants their wedding band to remain as it was the day they put it on their finger. If you want your rings to remain shiny with a great finish without ever having to be polished than Tungsten is the right choice.

Some Tips

Use a reputable jeweler to make your purchase. Do ask about Tungsten wedding bands that are made with nickel alloy to avoid the stains that can develop when Tungsten is cut with Cobalt. You also may want to ask about Tungsten with Cobalt if you are concerned about the carcinogen effects of the powderized combination of these two chemicals.

Remember to go up one size because the rings can not be resized and it is far better to have to wear a ring guard than it is to have to get a new ring in a few years!

Tungsten wedding bands have very few cons and many pros!