Top 10 Pros and Cons of Living In Seattle

Top 10 Pros and Cons of Living In Seattle

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Living in Seattle can be an amazing experience for you or it can be disappointing. Living in any place has its share of pros and cons. Some cities have fewer pros while some cities rank very high on the count of cons. Unless you are born in a city where you reside presently, you are unlikely to have an emotional connect. When you are born and raised in a city or town, you will develop a bond with the place that is almost irreplaceable. Even if that place has a ton of problems or shortcomings, you will still be in love with the place because of the history you share and due to all the memories that you have. If you are considering moving to Seattle or just want to find out a little more about the city, you should consider the living in Seattle pros and cons.

Here’s a brief list that will be agreed upon by most people.


1. People living in Seattle are generally open-minded. In a way, Seattle is similar to San Francisco. You will find art lovers and creative people. If you have a bent for creativity or a thing for art, then Seattle is certainly a good place for you. The residents of Seattle are friendly and you will experience a laid back environment. Unlike other large cities, Seattle doesn’t indulge in the hasty hustles and bustles. Lifestyles in Seattle have a nice rhythm which you may fall in love with.

2. Seattle offers a lot of fun for those who know how to have fun. There is no dearth of seafood. The restaurants in the city are amazing. The nightlife is good too. If you are an avid shopper, a party animal or someone who loves food and recreation, then the city will not disappoint you.

3. Seattle has an incredible geographic location. It has the Pacific Ocean, mountain ranges and natural parks in proximity. You can certainly experience a different kind of lifestyle and ambience in Seattle despite it being a large city dominated by the concrete jungle.

4. Seattle has no state income tax. The sales tax is considerable but that is not applicable on groceries and house purchases are also not burdened with hefty taxes. In a way, the state doesn’t demand a lot from the residents of the city which is certainly a pleasant reason to move to Seattle.

5. The city has a good history of graduating rates and most people have a degree. It is an educated city which is why you would find so many creative and intellectual people. If you are looking for a good job and a nice social circle then the city will not disappoint you.


1. People living in Seattle consistently complain of traffic. There are traffic problems in the city. The city finds a place in the five worst traffic cities in the country. The poor public transportation system is often criticized but it shows no sign of improvement. The public transit system is not very well developed, certainly not for those living in the outskirts or surrounding areas. A large city like Seattle should have better transportation and better management of traffic.

2. Seattle may be gloomy for many people. It is cloudy, you will have more overcast days than bright sunny ones and you will have to deal with a lot of rain. Unlike London which also experiences incessant rain but only at certain times, Seattle can have incessant rains and they can continue for hours and days. People with psychological conditions or who are prone to depression should not live in this city as the dearth of bright sunny days can worsen the condition.

3. Seattle is an expensive city. It has higher property taxes and the general cost of living is quite high. There is no dearth of jobs in the city which does help the people to not feel the pinch but if you move in without a job or without a nice salary, then you may feel the heat of the expenses.

4. Seattle used to be a very safe city. Crime rates were among the lowest in the country. That has changed in recent years. Violent crimes and property crimes have increased and the safe tag has now been put to question. Seattle has a crime rate per capita higher than that of New York City.

5. Seattle is not ideal for those who don’t have a desirable formal education or a degree in some discipline. Jobs are galore but for educated people. Skilled laborers or those with limited education may find fewer jobs and that would make living in the city harder with its high food and gasoline prices.

6. Seattle is damp and it is not good for certain health conditions. The moisture build-up, the lack of warmth and the overall environment may worsen certain health ailments.

Facts About Living In Seattle

Now that we have talked about the living in Seattle pros and cons that are not contentious and more or less agreed upon by most people, let us explore some facts about living in the city. After all, Seattle was voted as the most popular city in the country two years back.

If you are living in Seattle, then you have to try your hands at Geoduck hunting. You cannot be a local unless you have caught at least one.

If you want to move to the city because you loved Sleepless in Seattle, then you need a better reason. Don’t even talk about that movie to the locals and certainly don’t dress up or behave like Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan. Residents of the city have much more to be proud of than the romantic comedy.

Living in Seattle can be difficult in the beginning because people around you will take their time to welcome you. It is possible that you will not feel welcome at first. But allow the drinks to flow and you will become a part of the city soon.

Seattle offers you plenty of choices when it comes to housing. There is no dearth of condos or suburban homes, sprawling apartments or houseboats. You may also opt for homes with mountain views or ocean views. The more you want, the higher you would pay.

Seattle is a good place for you if you love cuddling up in your couch and spending long hours indoors, watching television, eating, drinking, cooking and merrymaking. The weather will offer you enough time to spend with your loved ones. The city also has a culture of remaining healthy but when you indulge in the sweet times, you may end up gaining weight.
Seattle is a torchbearer of progressive politics. If you are in the city, then you are expected to be an aware citizen and an active member or the society. You should protest what should be opposed and you should support what should be endorsed.

Moving into Seattle should not be discomforting for you because most people in the city had actually moved in at some point in time. Unlike some other prominent cities, most people don’t have a long history with the city and were born and raised elsewhere.