Thiamine for Alcoholics

Thiamine for Alcoholics

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Alcoholism is a disease that many people suffer from. Because of the severity of this condition, maintaining control off oneself is the hardest thing to do. People who suffer from alcoholic symptoms have difficulty controlling their consumption and increase their health risks from drinking to much. A person who suffers from alcoholism can not predict how much they drink, how long, nor its consequences.

Health Risks of Alcoholism

Alcoholics have certain health risks they might encounter. These include conditions such as Anemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, depression and brain disease. Thiamine is one of those essential nutrients that are needed by the body especially in the brain that is why many alcoholics are using this on their diet. Thiamine is also known as vitamin B1 that is required by all the tissues in the body, some of the foods that are rich in thiamine are, meat, pork, cereals, nuts, dried beans, and soybeans.

Thiamine Benefits

Thiamine is needed in the metabolism of glucose and lipids, and it is also involve in the production of glucose derived neurotransmitter. That is why the deficiency of this can lead to some neurological and cardiovascular symptoms; some of those include weakness, fatigue and or some emotional disturbance. Thiamine deficiency is the result of alcoholism, and that to cure this, there is a need to have a proper intake of thiamine. Thiamine’s daily requirement is 1.5 mg; its absorption will not exceed 4.5 mg. Some health provider engage some people to use this, especially that is important in curing memory disorder such as the Wernicke’s encephalopathy syndrome, alcohol withdrawal, and coma.

Precautions Before Using

Before using such medicine, there is a need that it is properly prescribed by the doctor and that before you use this make sure that it should be used in proper amount. The intake of thiamine must be by mouth in just an appropriate amount, the use of this might also cause some allergic reaction or some skin irritation. This might not be properly absorbed by the body if the person that is using this does have liver problem, or other conditions, and this would not also be effective for those who drink a lot alcohol. Though thiamine is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is important that it should be properly recommended by the doctor.

Common Side Effects of Thiamine

Some of the side effects of thiamine are the following:

• It can cause low blood pressure.
• It can cause drowsiness.
• Increase the risk of cancer.
• Muscle relaxation.
• Seizure.
• It can make slow hearth beat.
• Widened the blood vessels.
• Skin irritation.
• It can change your weight.

Before using thiamine, there is need some things that are to be considered, is that there is a needed advice for those people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or other supplements that affects the blood sugar and widens the blood vessels. The use of thiamine should be avoided in high doses unless it is advice by the health professional.

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