Thiamine Deficiency in Alcoholism

Thiamine Deficiency in Alcoholism

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It is given that thiamine of Vitamin B1 is not produced by the body, but it should be ingested. This makes it necessary for people to eat food that are rich in this vitamin to reach the minimum requirement needed for a day. Thiamine is not a main requirement of the entire body but most importantly the brain. When the brain lacks the supply of thiamine, there is a great tendency that a person may suffer from mental state changes, suffer from ocular disturbances and develop unsteady gait and stance.

Once a person is suffering from severe thiamine deficiency, experts would say that they are suffering from the condition called Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. It is a particular condition that usually exists in 1 out of 1000 people and those suffering from severe alcoholism.

Risk and Conditions

This is where thiamine deficiency in alcoholism relates. Those who are at higher risk for the condition are those who are alcohol abusers and those who choose to binge drink. There are many reasons why experts are relating thiamine deficiency in alcoholism. Some of these reasons are as follows:

1. Prevents the body from absorbing thiamine.
Since the body will only rely on the thiamine that a person would ingest, drinking alcohol may hinder the absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Alcoholism is the main reason why there are many people who are suffering from brain damage as they are not able to absorb enough amount of thiamine needed by their body especially their brain.

2. Connection of thiamine deficiency in alcoholism leads to severe impact to the brain.
It is given that brain is the major beneficiary of thiamine absorbed by the body from ingested food. But as alcohol disrupts the absorption of thiamine, an alcoholic is more likely to develop brain damage especially when the person is starting to be dependent with alcohol. Alcoholism is also the reason why there are people who suffer from severe amnesia and even impairments in reasoning.

3. Thiamine deficiency is found to be related with liver cirrhosis.
Ethanol that is found in alcoholic beverages is the main reason why thiamine storage is disrupted in the liver. Furthermore, it was also found out that it also disrupts thiamine’s transformation to the active form. This is resulting to the higher risks of people who are alcohol-dependent to suffer from both WKS and thiamine deficiency.

Diagnosis and Effects

Once you are diagnosed with thiamine deficiency in alcoholism, aside from refraining from drinking alcohol, it is also necessary that you will undergo necessary treatments recommended by specialists. This is the only way on how you can get the right level of thiamine for your body and making sure that you can prevent any brain damages from happening.

Since thiamine deficiency in alcoholism is very much related, it is essential that those alcohol-dependent people should take note of this problem. Once a person develops the WKS, there is high risk that a person may also suffer from coma and even death especially when left untreated. So, for those who are fond of drinking any alcoholic beverages or even binge drinking should be aware of the condition and just forget about their vices.

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