Richard Burton Alcoholic

Richard Burton Alcoholic

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Richard Burton was a well known cinema and stage actor during his time. He was recognized for his flowing and smooth baritone voice and excellent acting talent. He has established himself as a fearsome Shakespearean actor and performer of memorable and meaningful Hamlet. There comes a point in his life that he turned his back on the stage and many of his supporters and even some of his critics have been disappointed by this.

Burton’s Career

At the peak of his career, he earned several nominations and become recipient of many awards. He has become one of the highest paid actors in this world during his generation. His fame and success are given but there is one thing about him that not everyone probably knows and that is being a heavy alcohol drinker. He was once a great actor but some of the persons who are close to him revealed that his womanizing and alcoholism somehow affected his fame and his career at the same time.

Even his wife revealed that alcohol has taken a toll to Richard’s body. The wife was really saddened about the truth that Richard Burton alcoholic catastrophe is also the same factor that makes his father suffer. Instead of learning from his own father’s alcoholism, he himself became a heavy and alcohol drinker. Despite the alcohol problems faced by his father, Richard Burton still stick to his alcohol drinking habit because he thinks that this is manly or “macho.”

His Life

Richard Burton’s father is a miner and as a son of a miner, he was raised and lived in a mining community. In this kind of setting, miner used to drink during the change on their schedules or shifts. When Richard started drinking, he told his family and friends that he drinks because it is actually what most men do. However, Richard Burton’s wife believed that there can be an alcoholic gene or hereditary has probably something to do with this.

Due to Richard Burton’s guilt and doubt as an actor at times, he turned to drinking alcohol. There are even reports telling that he brought a Thermos flask during rehearsals containing whisky. He pours this into a plastic cup and pretends that he is drinking a cup of hot tea. Richard Burton alcoholic problems have triggered destructive behavior and threatened his health which seems to be the most alarming effect that alcohol drinking can bring.

Negative Effects of His Alcoholism

Many individuals especially those within his circles knew what Richard Burton has been undergoing. They are aware of Richard Burton’s alcoholic sessions. Some even caught him rolling around from epileptic fits and spasm which he would usually refuse to tell his doctors. Due to his alcoholic problems, he had a terrible and complicated with others especially with all those women he had romantic relationship with. Due to his frequent drinking session routines, he experienced several episodes of alcoholic seizures. He has undergone operations for his arthritis and the doctors found out that his spinal column was coated with alcohol. Many believed that Richard Burton alcoholic problems have somehow take part on his death.

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