Personality Traits of Alcoholics

Personality Traits of Alcoholics

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Thousands of alcoholics hold certain common traits; this is the major reason why there are a lot of coping mechanisms that are being use for their situations. Alcohol can make them act differently and change; there are some who seems dangerous. The major key for people to enjoy life while being stuck with these problem drinkers is to study, know and adjust to their personality and help them overcomes this weakness little by little.

So, what were the common traits that they possess? Before people try to understand the reason or the factor that pushed them into their situation, first they must change or understand the proper way on how to talk or interact with them. For this situation, its best and easier to learn by talking to people who still find happiness in the middle of alcoholism.

Common Dissent or Denial: This is the strongest traits or characteristics that alcoholic possess. They often deny that they have drinking problems, persuasive words will never make them admit that they have problems unless they realized and voluntarily ask for professional help with psychiatrist or get themselves admitted into a rehabilitation center. Once they become sober and realized that they are drinking a lot before and they will finally see that they were in big denial.

Untruthful: They often tell white lies then a bigger one. When you ask them how many have you drink, they will tell you directly that only few. Even if you knew that they can never be contented of few glasses. Alcohol can make the most truthful person into liar.

Unreliable: Alcoholics are not bad, most of them have good and desirable intensions but sadly the why they consume it makes them into an undependable person. There are some who possess this trait, they will keep on promising on something and at the end of the day they will never show up. They were powerless of this liqueur to the point that their lives became very unmanageable or a mess. For them to totally cope up is for them to realize that they become powerless because of their choice to drink.

Common Habits of Alcoholics

Not all alcoholic are like this, numerous of them are very functioning alcoholic. Yes, that’s true. The difference is that they knew how to control their habits. Some say that alcoholics go crazy and die because of this habit, well not all. It’s just a matter of controlling.

Even if a person is considered as functioning alcoholic, still alcohol can contribute difficulty or trouble into their life. Their problem will arise sooner or later as a result of their consuming in regular basis, because even if their functioning alcoholic they were considered not normal. They just happened to control and know how to handle their jobs, family and enjoy their life despite this unhealthy habit.

Still the best way to conquer or overcome this is by consulting medical help. Even if people around you accepted the fact that your alcoholic it’s important to cure yourself because you will never know what can this alcohol can bring you. Staying healthy and safe for your family is the best way to live life happily and contentedly.

Process of Addiction