Pat Summerall Alcoholic

Pat Summerall Alcoholic

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One of the famous television sportscaster and American Football player is named George Allen “Pat” Summerall who died last April 16, 2013. He was the one who announced the super 16 bowls on the televising network, master tournaments of 26 and US opens of 21. His one who actually contributed to the super bowl 10 broadcast on radio of CBS as pregame analyst and host.

Summerall’s Retirement

After his retirement in 2002 he still announces game in occasions, especially to those areas that is near his home. In year 1994 he was named as the Hall of Fame and receives Pro Football of Fame and Pete Rozelle Radio Television Award. The award was presented from 2006 while weekend of the Super Bowl at NFL’s hotel head quarters to it deserving recipient who demonstrated a character, leadership and integrity, both off and on the job that his name represents.


He played for Arkansas Razorbacks and National Football League in 1952 up to 1961. After retirement he automatically joined as color commentator in CBS and worked with John Madden and Tom Brookshire in the telecast of NFL, Fox and CBS. He was declared as National Sportscaster of the Year in year 1977.

At some point in season of 1990, Pat Summerall was brought to a hospital because of bleeding ulcer which had been aggravated with toxic combination of alcohol and painkillers. The person vowed that he will give up alcohol drinking and did it for a couple of months before he relapse. He then confessed alcohol is no longer okay and fun. Being TV personality and athlete, he adores being the bars last guy which tells stories and having the grandest tine. They suffered for years because of their addiction to alcohol, several surgeries and dollars were spent. He had been successful with his career while having disorder in alcohol use.

This is after he vomits on the plane while in the flight after the game of Bears-Redskins and been out for several time. In year 2004, the alcoholic who was under recovery because of being sober for a long time undergo transplant of the liver. He actually stated during the conference in Alabama that he is giving the life to the Christ while staying in Betty Ford Clinic and recovering from his addiction towards alcohol.

Medical Treatment

In year 2006 he underwent surgery of the cataract and implanted intraocular lens to the eyes. Year 2008 of January, he underwent surgery for hip replacement and June 19 of the same year he was admitted to an hospital because of internal bleeding due to the new medication that his taking. He died on April 16, 2013 after checking in Dallas Zale Lip shy Hospital for broken hip surgery and cardiac arrest with an age of 82.

Recent years of suffering because of heavy abuse of alcohol that damage the liver that beyond medical repair, matter of complication because of his public notoriety and age. Doctors feared that there will be difficult for the patient to find suitable donor for this transplant since only 18 hours needed to spare.

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