Mickey Mantle Alcoholic

Mickey Mantle Alcoholic

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Mickey Mantle is an American baseball player and regarded as one of the best baseball players and athletes of all time. This man has been recognized for this undeniable talent and performance in the baseball field. He is also known for his ability of hitting both power and average. Mickey Mantle is a seven-time world champion making him earn lots of fans, admirers and supporters. But despite his blooming athletic and professional career, his drinking habit is something that stains his image somehow.

Suffering From Alcoholism

Mickey Mantle alcoholic habit has somehow become a part of his public image. Despite his sport and professional routine, alcohol drinking has become part of his routine and eventually become a frequent routine for him. He even revealed that he starts his day drinking and go out for lunch and drink about three to four bottles of wine. Same habit has been practiced in the afternoon and later time of the day. Ricky Mantle alcoholic inclination has become very apparent. White wine or red wine, regardless of type, this hard drinker loves drinking all of those alcoholic beverages. He does not care about the quantity and quality all he wanted to do is to drink.

Due to Ricky Mantle alcoholic habit, he has become very knowledgeable about wine. This has actually become one of his prides but as years past, he became a heavy drinker and reach the point that he does not care about anything anymore for drinking is what matters most to him. Ricky Mantle always takes pride and responsibility of his personal appearances, endorsements and public relations work. It was during these times that he works hard and does his best. When he got no schedules and commitments, these were the times he started engaging himself into drinking sessions.

Behaviors and Habits

Mickey Mantle alcoholic behaviors and habits are also triggered by emptiness and loneliness. He looked for friends in bars and filled in his emptiness with wines and liquors. Ricky Mantle has use alcohol as a prop and means of support for many years. There are instances that he can hardly talk or walk but by drinking alcohol, he somehow felt that he is not alone. To avoid the feeling of emptiness, he usually asks someone out to have dinner with him. He would order foods but would not eat. He would sit down and drink

He also uses alcohol to overcome his shyness and to make himself comfortable with all those public appearances. Mickey Mantle usually warms up with few bottles before leaving his hotel and go straight to parties and public functions. This has become his way of feeling good and always ready to go. After several drinks, he became really happy but there are instances that his families and friends drive him away and ask him to go back to his place.

Negative Effects

The bad side about his alcohol drinking is that he could not even remember the things he did and even the words he said during the times he was totally drunk and this is the very reason why he has gotten himself into troubles and complicated situations. He even started to forget even simple and daily things. However, Mickey Mantle has exerted his effort to overcome his alcoholism. Long years of alcohol abuse have become destructive behavior but his hopes for recovery are high and he believes that he will overcome this challenge.

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