Major Pros and Cons of Tongue Piercing

Major Pros and Cons of Tongue Piercing

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Chances are you have probably seen a tongue piercing before. They are much more common than you might realize and can even be dated back to Mesoamerican cultures. This includes the Aztecs and Mayans. Who knew that tongue piercing have been around for so long? Before you decide if tongue piercing are good or bad, you might want to take a closer look at both the pros and cons associated with having your tongue pierced. The reality of a tongue piercing might not be exactly what you expect.

Before you take the plunge and decide to have your tongue pierced, it might be a good idea to learn more about the pros and cons. Not everything about a tongue piercing is an advantage, but not everything is a negative either. Now you can make a much more informed decision and decide once and for all if a tongue piercing is right for you.

Pros of Tongue Piercing

1. Fashion Statement
Most people that get their tongue pierced are looking to make fashion statement and stand out. A tongue piercing can be very stylish and there are a variety jewelry pieces for your tongue that look great. A tongue piercing can really turn heads and be a great way to attract attention with your unique style.

2. Be Different
Not every person has the same personality and some people like to show off their uniqueness with different types of jewelry. A tongue piercing can be a great way to let your personality shine through and let others know just how different from the rest you really are.

3. Not Too Painful
Another great pro to having your tongue pierced is that you can be given a topical anesthetic that numbs your tongue before the pricing and minimizes the actual pain that you feel. This means that pain is not that big of a deal.

Cons of Tongue Piercing

1. Negative Stereotypes
Even though a tongue piercing can help you stand out and be different, it can also come with a negative stereotype. Some people see tongue piercing as a sign of rebellion and will judge you right away based on this piercing alone. If you want to be judged on your own merits and do not want to be negatively stereotypes, you might want to steer clear of a tongue piercing.

2. Healing Time
Another huge disadvantage to having your tongue pierced involves the healing time that you will have to endure. Having it pierced might not be quite as painful as it once was in the past, but you still have to endure a 6 to 8 week healing period. This can be a huge hassle and even change the types of foods that you can eat on a daily basis.

Modern Day Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing might have existed for centuries, but a modern tongue piercing is more of a fashion statement than anything else. A modern tongue piercing is a hole that is pierced through the center of the tongue using a needle. The type of jewelry that is left in the hole piercing can vary, but is often barbell shaped. The barbell that is inserted into the tongue piercing is made of special material. This material is often surgical steel that has balls attached at the ends. The jewelry that is placed in the piercing does not have to be surgical steel. Other common tongue jewelry is made from gold, titanium or niobium.

Placement of Piercing

The placement of a tongue piercing is somewhat significant. In most cases, the tongue is pierced toward the back of the tongue. This piercing is often done on the top part and pointing slightly forward. This allows the jewelry that is placed in the tongue piercing to point away from the teeth and is in the back of the mouth. There is simply more room in this part of the mouth to hold jewelry. It is more convenient if the tongue piercing is made in this position.

Different Types of Tongue Piercing

There is more than one type of tongue piercing. Most consist of just one hole on the tongue, but there is also a double tongue piercing. A double tongue piercing involves a hole at the same distance from the tip of the tongue to both sides. It is often referred to as a “venom bite” and is said to be much more painful than a traditional tongue piercing. A central tongue piercing is much more common and what most people are referring to when they get their tongue pierced.