Lithium Orotate Alcoholism

Lithium Orotate Alcoholism

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Lithium Orotate is mainly considered as a substance which contains orotic acid and lithium. Actually, this is mainly available in a form of dietary supplement. As a known natural treatment, this can treat mental-health problems, such as alcoholism.

An alternative for lithium, lithium orotate is a prescribed medication that prevents and treats mania episodes among people who have bipolar disorder. This further prevents and treats manic episodes as the abnormal activity of the brain is reduced.

Even though it may be called as vitamin B13, it is still not considered as a vitamin. Other people are using lithium orotate as an option for lithium. It is believed to prevent and treat the condition of alcoholism. Much value is given to lithium orotate in the complete recovery of alcohol addiction. This drug also has received its huge attention due to its many beneficial therapeutic effects for alcoholics. As a pharmacological agent, it treats alcoholism with its convincing results.

Lithium Orotate has been proven to be a nutritional supplement and marketed under different brand names. A lot of websites have claimed that Lithium Orotate is proven to be an alternative to antidepressant medication and mood stabilizer. It also has no reportedly side effects that it benefits people who are alcoholics.

As per the good claim about Lithium Orotate, it is backed by the good research of a German physician. Other than alcoholism, it is best in the treatment of epilepsy, depression and migraine headaches. This is really an effective treatment in alcoholism. There is just a need to be extra cautious in exercising it and treating the condition.

The findings are based on the subjective reports and correlational studies among patients. There are sixty-four patients that are being administered with Lithium Orotate that its effectiveness is evidently seen.

As it is being administered orally, it is being taken along food that passes and reaches the stomach. It also arrives at the gastrointestinal tract and is absorbed by the capillaries. The blood stream absorbed the minerals quickly after going through the blood. It further reaches the brain and crosses the blood brain or cell membrane.

The good thing about lithium orotate is that it has no renal side effects. It can be taken on a lower dose; however, it is not safely recommended for breast feeding and pregnant mothers. As it may be passed into milk, the use must be simply avoided throughout the course of lactation.

Lithium orotate is mainly available as an OTC drug that can be purchased but must still be prescribed by doctors. This is still the safest and most proven alternative that can treat alcoholism. It even becomes that most successful and most popular supplement that further escapes side effects from the use of traditional lithium.

The effectiveness of lithium orotate in alcoholism is proven by the very promising and fascinating studies. Studies were conducted about rats that only a small dose of lithium orotate must be taken for it to completely work.

In the treatment of alcoholism, Lithium Orotate is proven to be the most dependable and most reliable among alcoholics.

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