Larry Hagman Alcoholic

Larry Hagman Alcoholic

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Alcohol is one of the reasons why there are people who die young in life. Alcohol is really one factor that causes many diseases such as brain and heart failure and other important organs in the body. Drinking too much, is one of the biggest problems of some people because drinking is really hard to resist. That is why despite of the health risks that it might brought to someone there are still many who are engaging with alcoholic drinks.

Risk of Alcoholism

If there are many people who die young because of alcoholism, there are still some who die old such as in the case of Larry Hagman. He was a well known American film and television actor. He is remembered for playing a ruthless oil baron in the prime time television soap opera Dallas, and on his sitcom Dream of Jeannie.

Life of Larry Hagman

Aside from being an actor, he was also known for his addiction to alcohol which caused him to suffer from many medical problems such throat cancer. Throat cancer was not just the only disease that Hagman suffered from. Beforehand, he was discovered as having a small tumor in his liver. Planning on receiving a liver transplant, it was discovered that his liver was already damaged by cirrhosis due to alcoholism. A successful liver transplant would allow him to continue his life.

After Larry had his liver transplant, he continued to take strong drugs, causing the dampening of his immune system that prevented the developing cancer in his body. Despite the health failures he had before, and after the transplant; he never stopped drinking and continued his path of alcoholism. Hagman was prone to cancer because it is already on their genes in fact his mother was died too because of colon cancer. Despite all of his risk factors, he still continued to drink and smoke even if his life was already on the edge. He had became an alcoholic for many decades before passing on at the age of 81.

Contributing Factors to Alcoholism

The story of Hagman is for all of those alcoholics, hoping that this will give them the realization that drinking too much alcohol can cause. Hagman had a beautiful life because of the films that he performed in, but despite his health problems somehow his life became miserable. Even though available resources are out there to cure the disease, it is important that you know how to take care of your health.

Alcohol might ruin your life, so as long as you are still alive there is a need for you to quit drinking. There are many things to do instead of drinking. Let the story of Hagman becomes one of your reminder what alcohol can bring into your life. It is important to live a healthy life, eat a healthy diet, and avoid those you think can cause harm on you. Live a healthy life, focus on your friends and families or other fun activities instead of drinking alcohol.

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