HUD Housing Discrimination

HUD Housing Discrimination

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HUD housing discrimination is one of the most helpful assistance of the government to LGBT people. Sadly, even if we are living on a digital age or most people are now open to other possibilities, the discrimination against the LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community are still very rampant.

Why Is It An Issue?

In 2010, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through Shaun Donovan, HUD’s secretary during the LGBT Pride Month Celebration announced that they are giving a housing assistance to LGBT people who may have experienced any type of housing discrimination. This project emphasize on gender identity discernment as gender discrimination under the Fair Housing Act.
Additionally, new guidance was also formulated wherein HUD staff must inform the people who are planning to fill a complaint should enforce the LGBT –inclusive discrimination laws. This guideline was created in order to make sure that the member of LGBT community should be able to know his or her rights.

More About HUD Housing

Moreover, Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity also suggest that one of the tasks of the HUD is to fight and avoid any type of housing discrimination. Discrimination in rental, sales, lending on the basis of familiar status, origin, color, race and gender is strictly forbidden by the Fair Housing Act. This is a great guidance that is very important for the people who belong in the LGBT community. This also includes their right to get legal protection including the right housing.

Common examples of these issues are, if a male tenant is claiming that he is being discriminated by his landlord because he is wearing women’s clothes or acts like a woman then the allegation is considered as discrimination to gender. Moreover, if the gay man claims that the landlord wanted to evict him for the reason that the landlord thinks that he might infect some tenants with the disease like AIDS then it can be considered as discrimination according to disability and gender. By this way the tenant will have the right that his or her tenant does not have the right to discriminate.

Moreover, the HUD also has proposed a new rule that the term “family” can be used to effectively describe the HUD beneficiaries and programs to include LGBT people as well as couples. This will assure that it is available to every families of any gender identity or sexual orientation.

Efforts To Stop Discrimination

To fight the Sexual and gender discrimination is also one of the causes of Federal Housing Administration that any race or gender or sexual orientation has the right to get the right housing without any discrimination or issues when applying for housing loans.

HUD housing discrimination is undeniably one of the great help for people suffering from certain type of housing discrimination. This is one move of the government to provide the citizen the right opportunity to live a life free of any discrimination. Every people in the world has the right to live a peaceful life and with HUD housing discrimination.

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