Hispanics in the American Revolutionary War

Hispanics in the American Revolutionary War

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The Hispanics in the American Revolutionary War contributed a lot in the overall outcome of this revolution. Many people perceived this historical event as something that they should take important lessons. If you are not yet familiar with this memorable event in the history of the world, then it is the right time for you to learn about it. Take note of the following information below.

Spain has actively supported Thirteen Colonies in the entire American Revolutionary War. It started in the year 1776 through Roderigue Hortalez and Company. Roderigue Hortalez and Company has been the trading company which provided supplies for critical military by financial Siege of Yorktown during 1781. This was done through providing collection of silver and gold in Havana, Cuba.

Spain had been backed up by France by the Bourbon family compact. It viewed this Revolution as a special opportunity to make the British Empire weak. It previously caused Spain to obtain substantial losses in 7 years’ War. Jose Moñino y Redondo is the Count of Floridablanca and the new appointed Prime Minister. In March 1777, he wrote that the colonies’ fate interests them much and they are going to do all things that certain circumstances permit.

Spanish Involvement

In the 21st of June 1779, Spain had declared war against England. It worked with its ongoing operations against the country. In the 3rd of September 1783, peace was finally declared. King Carlos III had urged the sailors and soldiers to attack English in everywhere they appeared. On the other hand, King Juan Carlos I had taken part to the Society for the service of his own ancestor on the 23rd of February 2000.

War Declaration

Spain sustained its great losses against British during the Seven Years War (from 1756 to 1763). About 2 years earlier, such losses had heavily affected their timing when the time they would enter the American Revolutionary War during 1770s. In 1763 peace settlement, the Spanish had recovered Havana through ceding Florida, which includes St. Augustine. St. Augustine was established by the Spanish in 1565. Later, Spain also recovered Philippines.

The ministers of Spain were concerned regarding Portugal, the geographic neighbor of this country and the ally of British. They were also concerned with regards to the treasure fleet of Portugal, which was immensely wealthy and had been due to sail coming from Havana.


The involvement of Hispanics in the American Revolutionary War had been widely regarded to be success. Spain had taken the gamble in getting into war and banked on the vulnerability of Great Britain which was due to fighting effort for the rebellious colonists who are in the North America. During that time, the global war was conducted on various fronts which are against the major powers’ coalition. It helped the Spanish to obtain relatively easier conquests.

This war had given boost on the part of the prestige of kingdom. It previously suffered from losses caused by Britain. Spain remained compensated through recovering Minorca as well as British threat reduction to the colonies within the Caribbean.

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