Hispanic Wedding Traditions

Hispanic Wedding Traditions

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The Hispanic culture is graced with rich tradition adding symbolism and depth to important events including wedding day. When you got the chance to come across Hispanic wedding traditions, you will realize that the traditions they got is really interesting and meaningful. When guests witnessed these wedding traditions, they will feel charmed, amazed and proud celebrating with them in their meaningful heritage. Hispanic wedding traditions are evident on the following:


Hispanic Matrimonio or wedding is traditionally and deeply spiritual. A full mass in a Roman Catholic Church is usually celebrated. The bride and the groom together with their attendants kneel or stand at the altar. Prayers are recited for the couple to bless them as they begin their new journey together.

Madrinas and Padrinos

Padrinos and madrinas are dominant part of Hispanic wedding traditions and they act as mentors and sponsors of couples throughout the period of engagement and marriage. These are typical persons who have played remarkable part in the lives of groom and bride. Traditionally, padrinos help couples pay for the ceremony or other aspects of the wedding like church services and more.



El Lazo

El Lazo is an essential part of Hispanic wedding traditions symbolizing unity. A lazo or long strand rosary will styled in an eight shape figure will be placed around the neck of the bride and groom as they exchange vows. El Lazo represents unity and protection of marriage. Specific members of the wedding ceremony are usually tasked to unite the couples together after kneeling down for their wedding prayer.

White satin rope or cord is also placed around the shoulders of groom and bride. Hispanic wedding traditions require them to wear the lazo the entire duration of the wedding ceremony. This is to remind them about their sincere union and unconditional love. El Lazo also signifies binding the couple together each day as they mutually share duties and responsibilities for the rest of their lives.

Las Arras

This is also a Hispanic wedding custom wherein a groom will be giving thirteen arras or gold coins to her bride representing his commitment to provide lifetime support. The 13 golden coins represent Christ and the 12 apostles. The arras also pledge for the ability of the groom to support, love and care for her wife for a lifetime.



Wedding Attire

The bride is given several options when it comes to her wedding dress. The bride may wear white wedding dress with ruffles on the hem. Some bride and groom choose to wear traditional wedding attire on their wedding day. The bride wears a veil that comes with a beautiful lace.


In Hispanic wedding traditions, wedding receptions are usually festive and family oriented. The couple will be having their dance at the reception with guests gathered on a heart-shaped ring. Great tasting menus and appetizers are prepared on long tables. The bride and groom walk around the reception to thank their guests for coming and celebrating with them. Wedding favors are also given as token of appreciation for their presence.

These are Hispanic wedding traditions that make wedding days ultimately meaningful and special not just for the couple but for their families, friends and loved ones.

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