Hispanic Urban Legends

Hispanic Urban Legends

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When talking about myths and legends, Hispanic urban legends have been narrated from one person to another. Some of these legends display characteristics or origin of a town or village in one given country or others revolved around boarders of territory. Some Hispanic urban legends include stories about migrating individuals. The following are well-known legends recounted for many decades and are still widely feared and believed:

La Llorona

La Llorona is one of the most widespread Hispanic urban legends telling a story about a crying woman coined as La Llorona. There are many versions that have been spread in different countries but the original version talks about a beautiful but poor woman who has fallen in love with a Spaniard during Spanish colonization in Mexico. Their loved for each other was so dear and their affair has sprouted to three children. Despite of the Spaniard’s love for the poor woman, he still fears for his social status and reputation for during the colonial times, being poor means no soul prevails.

The Spaniard decided to marry a Spanish-bred woman and when the poor woman learned about this, grief and anger ruled her heart to the extent of drowning her three children in the river. Seeing her children lifeless also triggered her to comment suicide. From that time on, her soul is believed to be roaming around alleys and streets mourning for the death of her children. Cries and screams torment and disturb the sleep of people nearby.

El Cadejo

According to this Hispanic urban legend, God created a creature that will be in charge of protecting man against evil especially during the times that they spending dark hours away from home. God’s main goal is to create a nighttime guardian feared by men. God opted for a white dog having red eyes named El Cadejo. This creature is ready to fight anyone or anything that will threaten the safety of nighttime walkers. The devil envied God’s creation and created a clone and instead of protecting nightwalker, this creature steals the souls of individuals who are coming out at night.

Los Duendes

This is one of the well-known Hispanic urban legends that talks about the death of infants who were not baptized. They are playful, naughty, sad and wicked spirits. Los duendes hide things, throw rocks, displace objects and cause troubles. They are characterized by big hats, disturbing face and pointed teeth. During prayer time, they cried as if they are alone and abandoned. They also come out at night and play with children in the quite solitude of the night.

El Silbon

El Silbon is another Hispanic urban legend about a man who killed his own father and roam around the plain since then. El Silbon means despair and death. He is a man characterized by his big hat and whistles that are provoking Goosebumps Legend says that the lower the sound of the whistle, the closer this man is to you.

These are just few of the many Hispanic urban legends circulating the Hispanic time and culture. Reading these legends will surely give you insights about the beliefs of Hispanics.

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