Hispanic Superstitions

Hispanic Superstitions

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Superstition is defined as a notion or a belief that is based on knowledge or reason. It seems that superstitions are already part of way of life. Superstitions are also evident in many different groups and culture. Superstitions are part of the beauty and essence of being Hispanics. Hispanics superstitions are also means of learning more about Hispanic culture and belief. Superstitions may sound ridiculous for some but under the Hispanic culture, these served as guides to everyday life.

Hispanic superstitions are deeply rooted in their culture and most if not all Hispanics do not let a day or event passed without following these beliefs. Many of these superstitions are surrounding characters and personalities instead of actions. Some of the well-known Hispanic superstitions are as follows:

1. Breaking a mirror signifies bad luck for seven years.
2. Seeing black cats means danger or death.
3. Putting black purse on the floor will result to losing lots of money.
4. Keeping the broom behind the door in an upside down position will keep unwanted visitors away.
5. Dreaming about falling teeth means a death in the family.
6. Sleeping with dogs and cats makes individuals infertile.
7. Allowing a stranger stare to a newborn child might be open doors for evil curse. The baby will become sickly and weak. The only means to stop this is to let the child wear azabache necklace or bracelet.

The Impact and Influence of Superstitions

Hispanic superstitions have circulated within the niche of Hispanics and these beliefs poses impacts and influences to their lives. There are even instances that parents relate these superstitions to their children to warn them and remind them about the things that might happen in case they refuse to follow and believe. Hispanics are also fond of telling kids supernatural stories during bedtime. These stories revolve around supernatural and even scary characters that have been commonly heard under the Hispanic culture. More other Hispanic superstitions are as follows:

1. Passing the salt also signifies bad luck so it would be better to request someone put it on the table before grabbing it.
2. Sweeping then feet of a single woman when cleaning the floor means that the women will never get married.
3. Decorating houses with seashells brings bad luck.
4. Feeling an itch on the palm means that big amount of money is on its way.
5. Cutting babies’ hair before they can walk or talk will delay the process of learning how to walk or talk.
6. Putting a glass full of water on top of refrigerators or behind the door opens the possibility of absorbing bad spirits or negative energy that may be wandering around the home.
7. Ringing ears signifies that someone is talking behind your back and making negative wishes.
8. Putting a piece of bread on the ceiling or behind the door wards of evil spirits.
9. Eating grapes on New Year’s Eve grants you with a year-round security and happiness.

There are lots of Hispanic superstitions that have been passed on from generation to generation. No matter how individuals see these, it cannot be denied that these have become part of Hispanic culture that no one can erase.

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