Hispanic Naming Traditions

Hispanic Naming Traditions

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Hispanic naming traditions are closely similar to two-surname appellation that is widely practiced in Spain. Several Hispanic Americans got two given names plus a maternal or paternal surname. In the earliest years, such naming traditions have been evident and even up to now, many parents still stick to these traditions when giving names to their child. The second given names are typically used for formal events and are registered in marriage, birth and death certifications.

Hispanic naming traditions are historical practices for naming and giving identity to children. These traditions are practiced in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. Hispanic is noted for this double name system which is said to be a dominant custom of the noble class many decades ago. More about Hispanic naming traditions are outlined below:

Last Name

The first of 2 last names is considered as main family name and the last of the 2 surnames is typically viewed as primary surname. Compound names might include a hyphen, dash, Y or prepositions like “de la”, “de”, or “del’’. The usual pattern that majority of Hispanic follows is first name, last name of the father and last name of the mother. Hispanics do not usually follow the concept of middle name. This is commonly followed by two last names including the last name of both the mother and the father.

Second Name

Under the Hispanic naming traditions, a second name given to a child is traditionally chosen by the family however, it is the child’s parents who choose the first name. In some countries, second names are baptismal names giving honor to grandparents.

Switching Up

There are some Hispanic parents giving mother’s surname or apellido materno as the first surname and the appelido paterno or father’s surname as second surname. In cases that parents are not legally married and a child was born in Hispanic cultures, it is the mother’s name that will serve as the child’s first last name and the name of the father as the child’s last second name.

Most Favored Name

Under the Hispanic naming traditions, most Hispanics frequently give their daughter with a name “Maria’’ and is sometimes followed by a male name for a son. Hispanic names are sometimes reflecting gender. The name Maria can go both way and considered an ideal name for a male or a female child.

Choosing a Name for a Child

Naming a child is one of the important duties of parents and regardless of the culture and tradition, every child born deserves to have his own identity. Many Hispanics are now living in the US, a country where two names are not really evident. However, Hispanics still prefer to adopt their traditions when giving name to their children.

There are countless names given because many are still practicing this naming custom. As a matter of fact, this tradition has been spread to other countries where Hispanics choose to settle. Even with the dawn of modern age, Hispanic naming traditions remained and even modern people still stick to these traditions up to these days.

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