Famous Hispanics in Philanthropy

Famous Hispanics in Philanthropy

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The Hispanic community has the tradition for giving, which is generally though causes or organizations that is close to their hearts. For more than 500 years, informal giving has been the storing value of the Hispanic community. Hispanics are not accustomed to organize giving through organized nonprofit organizations.

Many Hispanic philanthropists are still tied to the communities that were born, or to Latin American communities where their parents or family still live. In Latin America, it’s quite common to see that money to be given to foundations or non-profit organizations are sent back home to aid the Hispanic community.

Famous Known Hispanic Philanthropists

Some of the most famous Hispanic philanthropists include Shakira, GLo, JLo, Enrique Iglesias, Eva Longoria, Dawson, Juanes, and Adrian Lima. These Hispanic philanthropists are helping to solve the immediate problems arising in their communities and society. These persons have achieved milestones in the fields of music, entertainment, fashion, etc. Their high amount of earning has enabled them to become a philanthropist and send back money at home. With plenty of Hispanics making their way up in the U.S. society, it is not too far before Hispanics can dominate the society.

Also, these famous Hispanic philanthropists support their fellow Hispanics in making their way up in the society. More and more Latin Americans are making their name in different industries, and it is not too distant before they can get into the place where these famous philanthropists are into.

Ties to the Hispanic Philanthropic Sector

Strategically, Hispanic philanthropists give money back to their home to strengthen the Latin American community’s influence and voice in the society. Focusing their philanthropic efforts on specific aspects of the Latin American community helps bring more attention of the society to their community and to their needs.

For an instance, Hispanics have discovered that leadership within the philanthropy community has helped Latin American women, celebrities, and other Hispanic groups strengthen and increase their influence to political and social arenas. Hispanic philanthropists continuously work with one another, and with non-profit organizations to help strengthen their community and develop new opportunities.

Donating to Charities

Based on studies results, Hispanic households giving to charities have increased to 63% from 1998. Also, about 46% of Hispanics have volunteered to extend their efforts in philanthropy, which has increased from 40% in 1995. Also, it was found out the Hispanic households and Hispanic philanthropists give primarily to Latin American religious sectors and to individuals informally. Famous Hispanic philanthropists are known to give money to their family and other families back at home, and friends in informal manner rather than donating to organized charities.

Unfortunately, the foundation world is not yet ready to embrace this culture as the catalyst of their organizations. Because of this, there is a gap between the Hispanic communities and the philanthropic world. Probably, one of the primary causes of this is that the Hispanic philanthropists are not taking enough time to educate the Hispanic community about what philanthropy is and the possible benefits that it could provide to their community. Lack of education abut philanthropy has caused Hispanics to maintain a sense of distrust and be very cautious to non-Hispanic philanthropists.

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