Famous Hispanic NFL Players

Famous Hispanic NFL Players

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Football is one of the most exciting, thrilling and intense sport played in different countries all over the world today. Due to the undying passion and inclination of individuals to this sport, National Football League or NFL was born. This is a professional football league organized and held in America wherein the most competent and amazing football players will be competing for the win. In the history of NFL, the involvement of Hispanic players was cited and most of them have apparently proved their remarkable performance in the football field. Some of the famous Hispanic NFL players are the following:

Victor Cruz
This free agent has captivated the NFL season in 2011. Victor Cruz’s life story is really inspiring and he was noted to be a man persevering through academic struggles, family tragedy and socio-economic diversity just to achieve his dream of becoming a professional football player which eventually do come true. He has been one of the famous Hispanic NFL players admired by many. Victor Cruz is noted for his signature performances against prominent defenses and teams.

Willie Colon
He is known as one of the NFL teams’ premiere quarterbacks and is no entering the seventh season. The injuries he got for the last two years never stopped him to beat the opponents in the playing field. He is always excited of showing his quick feet and athletic ability.

Tony Gonzales
He is also one of the famous Hispanic NFL players regarded as most capable despite his young age. His NFL records are quite impressive and these prove that he got exceptional performance during the league. His athletic and physical prowess has become his entry to the NFL Hall of Fame. He got an unmatched record of strength and durability. Tony Gonzalez has appeared several times in the National Football League.

Ivan Rodriguez
Despite some issues on the field, many are still impressed with the versatility of Ivan Rodriguez as a blocking or receiving TE enough to choose him in the fourth round of football in 2012. Rodriguez’s ideal combinations of speed, size and playmaking abilities are perfectly suited for an efficient defense system.

Aaron Hernandez
This NFL Hispanic player has played a remarkable season that has certainly helped the Patriot make their fifth appearance in the Super Bowl. Aaron Hernandez displays scary arsenal of agility, speed and power giving the Patriots offensive flexibility that only few teams can dragged about. When partnered with ideal teammates, Aaron Fernandez can really be an absolute nightmare to linebackers because his size and speed can make lots of mismatches against most corners and safeties. This Hispanic NFL player has been a winner at every level of football.

Kendall Reyes
This well-known Hispanic NFL player has been the pride of University of Connecticut and was the highest on one of his seasonal draft. He is slated of becoming the second-string DT when the football season begins. His supporters and admirers can expect for his essential participation and contribution on defensive schemes maximizing his unique skills in football.

These famous Hispanic NFL players have their own shares of great accomplishments and performances making them deserving for recognition.

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