Famous Hispanic Inventors

Famous Hispanic Inventors

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Famous Hispanic inventors have contributed great things to the society. Their influence can be found in almost all walks of life, allowing people to live their daily life easier. Some of them have attracted the spotlight because of their unique inventions and their contributions have shaped the society the people live in now. Below are lists of some of the famous Hispanic inventors and their creations.

1. Pedro Flores – The first Hispanic to invent and manufacture the Yo-Yo in the United States.

2. Luis Federico – A Hispanic inventor that received a Nobel Prize award for his discovery of the sugar nucleotides and their role in the human body’s biosynthesis of carbohydrates.

3. Ellen Ochoa – The one who invented the optical analysis system. She is not just an inventor as she is also one of the world’s first Hispanic astronauts.

4. Santiago Ramon y Cajal – He is a famous Hispanic inventor that received a Nobel Prize award for his work on the human’s nervous system structure.



5. Carlos Finlay – His is a scientist and an inventor that became famous for his discovery of mosquito as carrier of yellow fever germ, which is fatal. Because of him, the discovery of the vaccine for serious diseases caused by mosquito bites has emerged.

6. Luis Miramontes – He is a chemist, but also the co-inventor of the contraceptive pill. He was the one who wrote the procedures for the synthesis of the progestin norethindrone, which is the active ingredient of the contraceptive pill. If not because of him, contraceptives would not be developed, and the population of human could have been worse than today.

7. Miguel Servet – His works on the physiology and anatomy have allowed him to discover the blood circulation throughout the human body. His discovery has led to other inventions in the field of science.

8. Filipe Vadillo – He is a Hispanic inventor who patented the method used for predicting if the premature fetal membrane is health or ruptured in the uterus of a pregnant woman. His discovery has helped save plenty of lives.



9. Guillermo Gonzalez – If not for him, the colored television systems that you use today may not be available. He has invented the colored television system, which has become the foundation of the discovery of more high-tech television systems that you use today.

10. Juan Lozano – His obsession to jet packs has led him to create the Rocket Belt.

11. Roberto Landell de Moura – He is a Brazilian who has invented the first wireless telephone. With his inventions, other inventors have the idea to create a more advance wireless phones. Without his invention, it will take a long period of time before people can use the cell phones that the use every day. Now, smartphones have been making the lives of people easier in every possible way.

These people are just few of the famous Hispanic inventors who have contributed to the society. Those Hispanics living in the U.S. and other foreign countries should continue to educate their own self about the great contributions that their race has made.

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