F Scott Fitzgerald Alcoholism

F Scott Fitzgerald Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is one of the factors that can ruin a person’s life. It can cause multiple health problems and a loss in finances. Excessive drinking of alcohol can bring people into a downward spiral of debt and a feeling of losing control in their life. No matter where an individual stands in the social ladder, no one is immune to the effects of alcohol addiction. One example of this is Francis Scott Fitzgerald. A known author of famous novels such as, “This Side is Paradise,” “The Beautiful and Damned,” “The Great Gatsby,” and “Tender is the Night.” Fitzgerald is considered to be one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century and is a member of the Love Generation of the 1920′s. Fitzgerald is also known for his short stories that themed for youth and promises along with age and despair.

Fitzgerald’s Turn to Alcohol

Despite all of the success and failure that Scott experienced, he always sought out alcohol as his companion. This addiction took control of his life. Even though he was a well known man due to his theatrical displays, Fitzgerald continued to drink until finally meeting his companion Zelda Sayre. Despite their conflicts, Sayre remained by Fitzgerald’s side even though she encouraged him to quit drinking. Fitzgerald at once point in time had mentioned that consuming alcohol helped him to think of his writings and so he still continued it. Fitzgerald relied upon his writings and short stories to financially support himself. His drinking ended up driving him into debt and left him ill increasingly prone to disease. His health began to fail at the age of 44 before his death.

Fitzgerald’s Memory

The story of his life is really inspiring and somehow serves as a reminder to many, because he died at a young age due to alcoholism. It only goes to show what kind of danger drinking too much alcohol can bring. Fitzgerald was a popular man in his time with a great talent for writing. However, due to his alcoholism, it ended to early.

Dangers of Alcoholism