Explanation of Immigration Reform H1B

Explanation of Immigration Reform H1B

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When talking about immigration laws and reforms, the Americans and the government are still facing some issues or problems that should be given enough attention as soon as possible. For example, in the case of Immigration Reform H1B, there have been certain some important things that should be taken into consideration before the government makes a final decision.

Most American agree, regardless of their political party, that they really need immigration reform. It belongs to the essential keys in creating healthier economy of the nation and crucial to the prosperity, growth and security of the entire country. Aside from that, this can also be the success’ integral component of the business in America. There are actually some important points to learn since these can make understanding of immigration reform H1B easier and less complicated.

What is H-1B?

H-1B has been the United States’ non-immigrant visa which is under the section 101 (a)(15)(H) of Immigration and Nationality Act. This permits the employers of the country to employ various foreign workers temporarily in any specialty occupation. When these foreign workers in the status H1B were dismissed or quitted from their sponsoring employer, they should be granted or apply for a status change to another status for non-immigrant. They may also look for another sponsoring employer (subject for status adjustment application and/or visa change), or leave this country.

“Specialty occupation” has been defined by the regulations as the practical and theoretical application of highly-specialized knowledge body of human endeavor. This includes but has not been limited to the following:

• Business specialties
• Health and medicine
• Accounting
• Architecture
• Mathematics
• Physical sciences
• Biotechnology
• Education
• Theology
• Law
• Arts
• Social sciences
• Engineering
• Chemistry

These specialty occupations also require bachelor’s degree attainment or its minimum equivalent (except fashion models, who should be distinguished by ability and merit). The foreign workers need to present their state licensure and bachelor’s degree proof or even its equivalent, when needed for their field. H-1B work-authorization has been very limited to employment only by a sponsoring employer.

America got a bright and good future but there are still several policies that may allow the country’s business to thrive and grow. The policies should ensure that Americans will become competitive across the globe for more years to come. With proper and accurate implementation of the immigration reform in the United States, there will be a higher chance that the economy will grow more and more.

The reform to the immigration system of the United States will let high-tech businesses to hire those highly skilled employees coming from other parts of the world. This will be possible in this year as it has been announced by the Secretary of Commerce of the US.

The skilled immigrates have been credited as a “great economic benefit” to the economy of the United States. This can be a good start for the country to improve its economic growth. At the same time, it will be highly beneficial to people overseas who are searching for better job opportunities.

Benefits of Immigration Reform