Examples of Discrimination Against Hispanics

Examples of Discrimination Against Hispanics

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Discrimination is one of the most common issues that are present today. Although most of the world’s population has not experienced being the subject of discrimination, there is still a large portion that experienced it. Among those who are experiencing discrimination is the Hispanics. In U.S., that is something that is always present. Many of those who are discriminating may not be affected even in a bit, but the lives of the Hispanics are. You can say that the country features a very diverse ethnicity and culture. But, within that is the fear that is being felt by those who only have the least. In that situation, one can see the many examples of discrimination against Hispanics.

Hispanic Economic Disparity

One of the perfect examples for this is the rising unemployment within the Hispanic race. But, when you take a look at the big picture, you will see that their ethnicity or race is not the only reason for the discrimination. There are also the factors of the immigration status, skin color, income level, education level and the language skills.



Unemployment Discrimination

As unemployment discrimination being stated as one of the examples of discrimination against Hispanics, you would know that it is an unfair one. Sources present that the African-American were the ones who have greatly suffered in this example of discrimination. However, it is also stated that the Hispanics were not from the list. When it comes to employment, everyone deserves to be given, especially if they are capable. It should not be based on the race. Just take President Obama as an example. He was voted by many to be the president since the people knew that he is capable and can do something. It may look that it would lead to some changes when it comes to discrimination. It seems a good proof that what a person can do does not depend on his race. But, the Hispanics, among other others, still remained to be suffering from discrimination.

Unequal Pay

There were always reports that involved the Hispanics getting paid less of what they deserved. Also, some reports also state that they were racial slurs on where they work. If it is to be noticed, one will see that the there are only a few Hispanics in some organizations when it comes to management positions.



Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is also an example in the subject. When it came to the subject, this example is never lost in the list. Again, the cause for this does not only remain on their race itself, but also on other factors.

Another example is the way the Hispanics and other minorities are separated from where the majority of the citizens live. That instead of combining a society with mixed culture, what happens is the other way. At such case, they just choose to live where they can afford and somewhere that is away from ‘others’. It can even be said that the reasons why the discrimination occurs is foolish.

These are only some of the examples of discrimination against Hispanics and there are still more of those. It is a good thing that there are already concerned individuals who are working and helping them fight for their rights.

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