Ernest Hemingway Alcoholic

Ernest Hemingway Alcoholic

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Alcoholism is believed to affect all people in different areas, sectors and walks of lives. It is even becoming highly prevalent among intelligent and powerful people of the past and the present time. There are no boundaries in alcoholism that it affects people of all social or economic statuses, religion, race, region, education and the like. And since alcoholism is a progressive neurological disease, it affects anyone, especially those who have untouchable lives.

Even famous writers also suffer from addiction troubles. One of those writers that is idolized by many but is a certified alcoholic is none other than Ernest Hemmingway. The surprising thing is that he is even prouder of that. As Hemmingway was in the middle of drinking session, he often reprimanded his writing peers for not having the ability of keeping up into his drinking.

Jack Kerouac, his contemporary, was very bold in telling the world that the result of his death would be his being alcoholic. On the month of October in 1969, he died due to internal hemorrhaging: damaged liver for years of drug and drinking use that his blood is not allowed to clot.

Apart from it, it was also reported that he consumed whiskey every day. Due to his drinking behavior, it is fairly considered as alcoholism. He really liked to drink in great amounts that he did not show the effects. As a result, his health is affected and is worsened. His doctors told him to stop drinking that he did it, but only for temporary times.

As he had the urge in drinking, he still ended up in drinking again. He really loved liquor such as the Mojitos sweet and Martinis dry. In his postscript for Ivan Kashkin that is a critic and translator in 1935, he asked him if he is not interested in drinking. He also mentioned that Kashkin is slightly interested in the bottle.

Hemmingway said that he was drinking ever since his age of fifteen. It gave him most of the pleasure and excitement. He believed that changing his ideas of working the next day upon working hard the whole day may be possible by resorting to whisky.

It is also alright for him not to resort to eating at night just to have a water and red wine. Modern life is also about mechanical oppression that liquor becomes his mechanical relief. He also told Kashkin, in his letter, if his books create money that he will go to Moscow. He will soon find someone that drinks more to fight and stop the mechanical oppression.

In Paris, Hemmingway visited the many zinc bars and cafes around. Admittedly, his alcohol played its crucial role in writing. At the table in Dome’s patio, he was drinking fines that he started writing the stories of Nick Adams.

With a strong brandy, it helped him in remembering the lake trout and pine needles. It also helped him to be carried back in the loneliness of Michigan backwoods and the busy city. The bal musets, bars and cafes started to become the rallying points. Hemmingway further resulted to excessive drinking that he suffered from sobered times.

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