Does Chewing Tobacco Cause Cancer

Does Chewing Tobacco Cause Cancer

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The snuff, chew and dip and other kinds of tobacco has the ability to cause cancer to a certain individual. Most people that make use of tobacco have a great chance to have oral cancer. There are individual who thinks that chewing up tobacco is safer compared to cigarettes. However, it can also cause oral cancer and lung cancer. If you are fond of chewing tobacco, you can still obtain nicotine since it is being inhaled. Tobacco consists of harmful substances and chemicals that have the potential to cause cancer.

What’s in Tobacco

Tobacco contains 28 substances that are known to be carcinogenic and some of the carcinogens are commonly called nitrosamines. These kinds of substances can poison the body with the presence of some adverse effects. It is a fact that tobacco can cause cancer since the harmful substances and chemicals remain in your mouth and gums and this is the main cause of oral cancer. If you are one of those individuals who suffer from oral cancer, you will also experience the so-called white spots or pre-cancerous formation or the leukoplakia.

For those individuals who normally chew tobacco, they have a great chance to have oral cancer. The oral cancer will usually affect their gums, lips, tongue and mouth. If the oral cancer is not properly cured ahead of time, it will lead to other serious illnesses and diseases and continuous treatment is highly recommended. You also need to undergo radiation treatment or chemotherapy to get rid those unwanted tissues in your mouth, lips, sinuses and throat.

The Impact of Tobacco Smoking

According to studies, some people who have undergone the diagnosis of oral cancer die after 5 years and most of them did not survived from their illnesses. Lung cancer is also considered as one of the deadly forms of cancers nowadays that is commonly obtained due to cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing. If you are chewing tobacco, you are also at risk to have pancreatic cancer and this type of cancer is difficult to treat.

80 percent of individuals who suffer from pancreatic cancer due tobacco chewing did not survive. According to experts, with the help of modern treatment for oral cancer, the patient can still survive for 20 months. However, 90 percent of them will die after 5 years of treatment. If you are one of those individuals who are addicted on chewing tobacco, it is very important that at this point of time, you should try to quit from using tobacco to prevent the occurrence of oral cancer and other harmful types of cancers that will put your life into danger.

The nicotine that is present in tobacco has the potential to cause you oral cancer and it is very important that ahead of time, you stop purchasing and chewing tobacco. If you really love your health, you must be concerned with it and avoid those chemical substances that are present in tobacco. If you want to know additional valuable information regarding the oral cancer that is due to chewing tobacco, just simply browse the web and you will find helpful advice why you need to quit chewing tobacco as soon as possible. You must also be aware that oral cancer is considered as one of the deadly kinds of cancer nowadays so you must avoid it.

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