Do Cigarettes Kill Brain Cells

Do Cigarettes Kill Brain Cells

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Cigarette smoking is very harmful to humans. It is because the ingredients of cigarettes can destroy the overall health of a person. According to the study of science, cigarettes contain chemicals like pesticides and insecticides and its main ingredient is tobacco leaves. The ingredients of this product can destroy the respiratory system of a person. A person who consumes cigarettes regularly will become more prone to respiratory illnesses. And its worst effects to the body of a person will occur in the brain. It is because some scientific studies have proven already that cigarettes can kill the brain cells of a person.

Cigarette Consumption

Many individuals do not quit from smoking instantly because of its irresistible taste. And many cigarette smokers are not afraid of its negative effects because the authorities do not discuss its effects to the brain in their counseling programs for cigarette smokers. The ingredients of cigarettes serve as poisons in the body and brain of a person. When its harmful chemicals are already present in the body of a person, the respiratory system will be the first victim of its negative effects. When the respiratory system is already affected, its chemicals will start to affect the blood of a person.

Effects of Smoking

Its chemicals can spread faster in the body of a person because of the blood circulation. Remember that the respiratory system of a person is highly connected to the circulatory system which is responsible for blood circulation. The chemicals of a cigarette will move to the different parts of the body of a cigarette smoker with the help of the blood circulation. Such situation will take the chemicals of a cigarette to the brain of the cigarette smoker or an individual who accidentally acquired its smoke from the air through inhaling. When the chemicals are already in the brain, people can expect that their brain cells will die fast.

Reduced brain cells can affect the cognitive performance of a person. One of its negative effects is the fact that it can cause memory gap. The memory of a cigarette smoker is poor that those individuals who do not smoke. Everybody knows this statement. Aside from that, the students who smoke regularly have poor learning performances compared to those students that are not smoking. Such things are highly related to the number of the brain cells of a person. Brain cells are useless in the brains of those individuals who do not want to quit from cigarette smoking.

The statements and discussions in this article are not jokes or myths. Cigarettes can kill the brain cells of a person due to its nasty ingredients. Cigarette smoking is like an act of committing suicide. Each stick of this product can cut the duration of the life of a person. To those individuals who want to live longer in this world, please quit from smoking. And to those students, who want to become more competitive in school, do not try to commit cigarette smoking. Brains cells can never be restored once destroyed by the chemicals that are present in cigarette so be careful.

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