Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes While Breastfeeding

Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes While Breastfeeding

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Smoking is one of the most dangerous types of vices in this world nowadays. Most of the individuals that are performing it are those people who cannot resist the taste of cigarettes which are available in several stores worldwide. It is an addictive habit for those people who like its taste. One of its main ingredients is tobacco leaves. The other ingredients of cigarettes contain harmful chemicals which can cause serious problems in the lives of many people particularly to the lives of new mothers that are taking care of their infants at the present time.

Chemicals of Smoking

Cigarette smoking is not good for mothers that are offering breastfeeding. It is because its ingredients are not good for their health. In addition to that, its chemicals can affect the quality of milk that their children will receive from them during a breastfeeding process. First of all, it will destroy their respiratory systems. Sometimes, it can also affect the respiratory systems of infants or babies who need their milk as mothers. The act of smoking and the cigarettes serve as threats to the lives of women (mothers) and infants who deserve to live healthy and strong in this world.

The chemicals that are present in cigarettes will affect the quality of milk for infants if their mothers have severe smoking habits. It is a very dangerous situation. It is because infants will not grow healthy and strong if their milks from breastfeeding procedures contain the chemicals from cigarettes. Remember, some of the ingredients of cigarettes are popular insecticides and pesticides. Such chemicals are very harmful to the overall health of a baby who needs milk from breastfeeding. Malnutrition could be one of the worst effects of this habit to the infants who will suck breastfeed milk from mothers who have smoking habits.

Impact of Cigarette Smoking Mothers on Their Children

Infant will not grow healthy in the future if their mothers are cigarette smokers. Their respiratory system will become weaker as time goes by if the milk of their mothers were contaminated with the unwanted ingredients of cigarettes. As a result, the children who will grow up with a breastfeeding process which is contaminated with the chemicals of cigarette smoking will suffer several kinds of health problems that are related to the lungs such as asthma. The immune system of mothers who smoke regularly while offering breastfeeding to their children will become weaker. Remember that the overall health of a mother becomes weak and vulnerable after pregnancy stage.

Another harmful effect of smoking to infants who have mothers that are always smoking regularly is mental retardation. The chemicals of cigarettes are not only harmful to the respiratory system. It is because it can also affect the brain of a person particularly the infants. The chemicals of cigarettes can kill the brain cells of infants. As a result, their cognitive performance will become slow and poor as time goes by. Mental retardation will make the life of a child miserable especially while studying in a school. It will affect the learning style and performance of a person for several years. Therefore, mother should stop from smoking while offering breastfeeding to their new infants to avoid these problems.

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