Cool Hispanic Heritage Month Facts

Cool Hispanic Heritage Month Facts

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The National Hispanic Heritage Month is, thus, the period that starts from the fifteenth day of September to the fifteenth day of October, in the United States. This is when the people further recognize the significant contributions of Latino and Hispanic Americans. They also likely celebrate the culture and heritage of the group.

The Establishment of Hispanic Heritage Month

The celebration of the Hispanic heritage was agreed by the former president, Lyndon Johnson. It was then expended in 1988 that covers a thirty-day period. It was then ratified into law as per approval of the public law.

Actually, the beginning point of the celebration is on the fifteenth day of September. This is the day of the anniversary of sovereignty in Latin American countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador. America’s discovery is also celebrated on the morning of the twelfth day of October, in 1942.



There is also a map of the eight-century on the North America that demonstrates this presence. It started from the little outpost in San Francisco that is established in the uninhabited wilderness in Alta California, in the year of 1776, and in Texas with cowboys and on the fortress of Florida. The European settlement continued in the northern part of America, in the year of 1565 and the decades for Jamestown in Virginia.

Facts About Hispanics

There are cool Hispanic heritage month facts that people can be interested in. As per geography, the population has remained concentrated because of dispersion in the past few years. Almost fifty-five percent of the Hispanics in the country are living in the three states- Florida, Texas and California. On the other hand, seventy-one percent are living in one-hundred of the three-thousand one-hundred forty-three countries.

Based on the Census Bureau, the exact size of the population reaches for about fifty one point nine million Hispanics, in 2011. In 2012, the recent estimate is about fifty-three million. The population reached forty-seven point five percent between the years of 2000 and 2011. On the analysis conducted by the Pew Research, the growth of the total population reaches for about fifty-five percent within the period.

Hispanic Population Explained

As per the origin of the countries, the term “Hispanic” holds a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Nevertheless, two-thirds of the Hispanics in the United States mark out their family origins on Puerto Ricans and Mexico. They build up for nine point five percent of the Hispanic population.



As per the educational attainment, the enrollment among college students has risen in the past few decades. Based on the Census Bureau, forty-nine percent of the high school graduates were even enrolled on college in the year of 2012. The rate is surpassed for the white people (forty seven percent) and black people (forty-five people) for the high-school grads.

It was also recorded that thirty-five million Hispanics that age five and above are able to speak the Spanish language. This language is considered as the second spoken language in America. Almost all of the United States Hispanic said that it is significant to speak Spanish in the future generations.

Hispanic Heritage Growth in the US