Children of Alcoholics Statistics

Children of Alcoholics Statistics

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Children of an alcoholics experience suffering of great deals, they need to deal with the dysfunction and stress in their home. A child may suffer depression and anxiety, they also prone to experience difficulty in everyday conditions such as solving problems and making friends. They do not have secure and good role model because their parent cannot find ways to deal or solve their problems. This may cause lack of support that can cause a child to do poorly in every activity especially in schools that eventually may affect even their characteristics or personality.

Statistics of Alcoholism

The whole scope of alcoholism was not recognized easily unless statistics were presented. This statistics refers to the information that makes an impact to someone’s consciousness. This can be taken or considered as a personal checklist that will help a person or other to recover from alcoholism. Almost 13,000 everyday of the children of the United States takes their initial drink. And this children that consume this liquor before they age 15, aged four times and prone in becoming alcoholic.

Unfortunately, statistics for the population of children of alcoholics does not have any recent data that can be a basis of accurate percentage. The only data available is from 2009 of January were in an estimate of 15% of US children were already expose into abuse of alcohol or family dependence.

These children were considered to be a child that parents or caregiver is using alcohol that causes problems in child’s life: socially, emotionally and physically. They are risk in developing PTSD during childhood or as adult since unpredictable and chaotic behavior were seen in an alcoholic home. Their communications are unclear with times that nonexistent of family is often stressful, with huge rate of sexual abuse and domestic violence and neglecting.

Even if the child does no longer live with alcoholic family member, at the early age they learn how to survive. Even if they use different mechanisms they can never erase the fact that the children were already expose to life-altering traumatic events.

Effects on Children

Common children develop coping maladaptive skill since they were too little to understand or emotionally rationalize in their young minds the actual happenings. An early exposure of surviving a home of alcoholics is very traumatic for this young people which were not yet matured to understand or does not possess coping skills that deal with addictive personality.

If someone let alcohol run their live they will be lose money, job, friends, family and most especially children. Nothing is worth losing than addiction problem itself. When a person start seeing that they causes hurt or pain to other, a need for medical help needs to be asked for. Don’t ever forget that people that care for you are the one that your addiction were in pain. Letting it rule your life will also put your health and life at risk. Alcohol statistics is not enough to help or assist some to recover from their addiction. Even if this offered big help, still there are a lot of methods that a person can use to recover and overcome alcoholism.

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