Alcoholism Nature vs Nurture

Alcoholism Nature vs Nurture

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There are many people who drink too much alcohol, those who cannot control and or limit the amount of alcohol that they will drink. There are many reasons why some people are kept on drinking alcohol, such as some use it as a form of stress reliever and to escape with their problems.

Main Causes of Alcoholism

Sometimes a person, who is experiencing the condition of alcoholism, might not just be brought by the depression that he is experiencing, sometimes it can also be a result of genetics or nature of the environment. Some think that alcoholism is cause by genetics, because there are some parents and grandparents who are alcoholic as well, that is why their children might be an alcoholic too. Sometimes when the children grow and explore to alcohol, he developed the risk factor of having alcoholism.

Another reason why some people are alcoholic is because of what kind of personality that they have, sometimes people who have low self esteem, depression and anxiety depends on alcohol. People who have this kind of personality uses alcohol to overcome such problems, that instead of seeking help on someone is that they seek the help of alcohol as a self reliever.

Environmental Influences

Environment is one also of the reason why some are experiencing alcoholism, if a person is exposed to alcohol with his friends and or family; there is a possibility that he will become an alcoholic too. Since many grow up in cultural environment which have an acceptance with the use of heavy alcohol especially during occasions and or social gatherings, there is really a possibility that many will become an alcoholic drinker. And once that you become an addict on it, it would be now hard to quit, because your body will really look for it. As a child develops into an adult, he will be really engage in drinking alcohol because there will be lot of people that he might encounter, as he will go into parties and other gatherings he will be exposed to drinks, and at that age he would really want to try something new.

Nurture or Nature?

It is really doubtful if alcoholism is a result of nature or nurture, but whatever it doesn’t matter at all, because the only important thing is how to quit it. You all know that there are many health risks that alcoholism might can cause, that is why before you drink too much you should be aware of it first. Seek the help of people, instead of drinking alcohol that cannot solve your problem. Alcohol is just a slipping pill that you need to forget your problem, but after you wake up you still problem and it is not solve by alcohol. So instead of blaming your genes and or your environment, what you must do is to set aside those alcohol, because there can be better things to do. Talk with your friends and family, through them you can have a relief that you want, choose healthy drinks and foods, and do different activities that you will surely enjoy.

Nurture vs Nature in Alcholism