Alcoholism Genetic Predisposition

Alcoholism Genetic Predisposition

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The idea behind alcoholism genetic predisposition or tendency has been around for several decades. Alcoholism is considered as an addiction to any type of liquor. As a matter of fact, recent studies shown that alcoholism can be hereditary or may run through genetics. More and more research are done on what is the real reason why this occurrence seem to happen especially in family history.

One research about alcoholism genetic predisposition tackles that the child might have acquired the alcoholism through the genes of his or her ancestors. Meaning, if one of the parents of the child is alcoholic before he or she was conceived, there’s a large percentage that the child can be alcoholic too when the kid grows up.

The Roles of Genetics

Additionally, recent research on alcoholism genetic predisposition showed that there are certain type of genetic marker that signifies alcohol addiction. D-2 dopamine receptors situated in the brain produce a “buzz” when stirred by alcohol. When the amount of D-2 receptors are lessened, the alcoholic will increase their liquor intake in order to reach the pleasing response
Brookhaven National Laboratory made an experiment using laboratory rats as their sample to such study. On their research, restoring the D-2 receptors with alcoholic gene, shows that the craving was lessened but when the treatment was stopped, the rats resumed their addiction to alcohol.

The Alcoholism of Barrymore Family

The Barrymore family is one of the most notable and talented families of actors in Hollywood. On the other hand, they have one common traits and that is alcoholism or addiction to liquor. They are one of the common examples of alcoholism genetic predisposition. From John Barrymore to Drew Barrymore, they are all alcoholic at some point of their lives. The battle for alcoholism is not easy, a testament by Drew after she cope up with this addiction which began as early as 13 years old.

What the Child See to Parent

On the other hand, some experts also suggest that alcoholism can be some sort of an influence of the parents to their offspring. This can be deemed that when they are always seeing their mom or dad drinking alcohol regularly or even smoking, it creates thinking or rational that drinking too much is just okay since one of their family member is doing it. As a result, the child will always think that it is alright to drink alcohol without any barrier.

Upbringing of the Child

Alcoholism genetic predisposition can be stopped as long as the parent or guardian provides a great upbringing, wherein it is okay to drink liquor as long as you will not go overboard. This also depends on the person’s determination to live a life that is not the same as what their alcoholic ancestors do.

In conclusion, still there are continuous studies that experts are conducting to test more or do some research about genetic predisposition on alcoholism. Nonetheless, alcoholism genetic predisposition can be evaded as long as the child is properly guided wherein he or she knows her or his limit.

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