Alcoholism and Verbal Abuse

Alcoholism and Verbal Abuse

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Most of the time, alcoholism and verbal abuse always come together. There are several cases that people are verbally abused by alcoholic people. Due to the fact that alcoholic people have inappropriate behaviour, they say abusive words and don’t care who gets affected.

What is Verbal Abuse?

Verbal abuse entails to negative statement told by a person to someone. When the abuser did not ask immediate apology the victim may state him as verbally abused. Anyone might experience verbal abuse. Typically, it happens between couples, family members, peers, workmates and school mates. However, this is very natural to people who are in the alcoholism condition.

Verbal abuse does not only entail to a single negative statement, the action may have the existence of verbal abuse.

  • Blaming or Accusing
  • Countering
  • Trivializing
  • Threatening
  • Ordering
  • Anger denial
  • Withholding
  • Blocking or diverting
  • Criticizing or judging
  • Name calling
  • Anger which is abusive

What To Do If Verbally Abused?

The condition of alcoholism and verbal abuse can be both absorbed by certain individuals. But despite of absorbing too much hurtful words from them, there is still determination from the other to keep the relationship. Others might call them martyr but it is a matter of decision. There are several things that might help them to resist the verbal abuse they can encounter.

1. Set limitations - If you are experiencing the same problem, it will be efficient to set limitations. You can do this by telling him that you will leave he does not stop on talking hurtful words. If he keeps on what is talking, you should leave him calmly. Tell him that both of

2. Attend counseling or retreat – This activity might enlighten your mind and your partner to work on with the relationship. The counsellor can give suggestions on how to fix the relationship. However, if your partner did not go with you for some reasons you still need to actively attend the activity. Perhaps, it is not only your partner needs a clear mind but also you.

3. Keep calm – If he keeps on telling you with abusive words stay cool and calm. Although, you want to explode because of some stupid words you heard do not tell him either. It will fire up the situation if you become more irritable.

4. Encourage him to stop drinking – Alcoholism and verbal abusemostly go together. If the person is alcoholic there is more chance to experience verbal abuse. Therefore, to avoid this abusive situation you should tell him to stop his heavy drinking.

What Are the Effects of Alcoholism and Verbal Abuse?

Verbal abuse that is commonly caused by alcoholism can bring strong impact not only to children but also adults. The common effects of this are:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Emotional pain
  • Psychological grief
  • Socially aloof
  • Braggart
  • Sexually immoral

Alcoholism and verbal abuse are mostly manifested by people who are extremely alcohol addict. Therefore, to avoid verbal abuse there should be avoidance of drinking too much alcoholic drinks.

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