Alcoholism and Nosebleeds

Alcoholism and Nosebleeds

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Due to the increasing proof of alcohol nosebleeds, several case studies have suggested that there is a huge link between alcoholism and nosebleeds. High consumption of alcohol may be a starting factor of a nose bleeding case because alcohol influences body’s metabolic process, which results in unusual regulation in the blood vessels. As a result, alcohol nosebleeds take place frequently to the ones who consume excessive alcohol.

While nosebleeds might be frightening, the majority of nosebleed cases are not that risky. Depending on the location, there may be two forms of nosebleeds. One of these forms is known as the anterior nosebleed that originates from the nose’s front and is also recognized as the most common form of nosebleed. This form takes place because of the breakage of capillaries within the nose. The nose bleeding case which takes place from the deepest section of the nose is termed as posterior nosebleed. This form occurs to individuals who suffer from high blood pressure as well as the ones who have sustained injuries in the nose.

Causes of Alcohol Nosebleeds

Typical causes of nosebleed may include nose injury and dry conditions of the environment. In addition to this, nose picking, dry nose, too much nose blowing, adverse effects of particular medications such as hypertension, aspirin, chemical irritants inhalation, and extended utilization of nasal spray are few of the risk factors which lead to nose bleeding.

Drug and alcohol use are known as the most significant causes of nosebleed cases because alcohol is recognized to affect the function of the platelet. Aside from this, alcohol consumption is also linked with dehydration and hypertension. Drinking too much alcohol may lead to cases of nosebleeds because alcohol comes with the possibility to forbid blood clotting as well as dilates on blood vessels. Blood vessels dilation may alleviate the ability of the blood to clot. Too much alcohol consumption may lessen functionality of platelets. It is the blood cells which are responsible in the formation of blood clots. It leads to blood thinning and so boosts the chances of nosebleeds and extends bleeding time.

Too much alcohol consumption may also result to alterations in blood pressure that might be an essential cause for nosebleeds due to alcoholism. Alcohol holds several effects which get in the way of hemostasis that may increase issues on bleeding. Daily use of three alcohol drinks of more every day may also be a hypertension risk factor. Dehydration is another essential nose bleeding cause because dry nose has been one of the primary problems which result to nosebleeds. Daily consumption may cause dehydration that might result to nosebleeds.

Treatment for Alcoholism and Nosebleeds

Prompt clotting of blood is the initial step that can halt a nosebleed incident since copious nose bleeding may be an intimidating situation. Make sure to stay relaxed and calm. Comfortably sit and touch your nose’s soft parts firmly for ten minutes in order to halt nose bleeding. During this time, you may breathe using your mouth. To be able to avoid blood draining into your throat, try leaning forward. You may also use some ice packs to catch the bleeding. However, when the bleeding persists, you will then require some medical attention.