Alcoholic Narcissist

Alcoholic Narcissist

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An alcoholic narcissist mainly suffers from alcoholism and narcissistic personality disorders. These conditions are not occurring simultaneously although they sometimes feed into each other. They also exacerbate every one of the conditions. In telling if a person is alcoholic narcissist, there is a need to consult to a psychological or medical professional that evaluates his behavior and health.


A distorted and unhealthy view of oneself of being far better as compared to others is one of the main symptoms of being an alcoholic narcissist. Along alcoholism, this may lead to an incorrect belief that the drinking of a person is still normal or being controlled. A person who is a alcoholic narcissist has the belief of not even harming the people around him, especially his loved ones.

Actually, there are many different symptoms which an alcoholic narcissist displays. One of the common symptoms may include of the belief that he is even better as compared to others, as mentioned. Even though evidence is seen that he is not, he still believes in it.

When often criticized, even in a friendly game, an alcoholic narcissist reacts badly or disapprovingly. During these situations, one who is an alcoholic narcissist may resort to alcohol that mainly allows him of hiding from reality.

Apart from it, one may also not in favor or ignore the opinions, needs and feelings of others. As a family attempt to confront him and explain his bout of drinking, he will likely react that it looks like his family has the problem. The concerns of his loved ones may be ignored or dismissed because he thinks of it as incorrect or irrelevant. He claims that his drinking is being controlled, and he does not fall into hurting anyone, not even his family. He firmly believes that they must deal with him.


At times, the symptoms related to alcoholism may be quite difficult to know. This is mainly because of the reason that people have their various tolerances on alcohol. Actually, the symptoms may include of the inability to put drinking to a stop and the need to turn to alcohol every day. There are also withdrawal symptoms that are being suffered, especially if they have no alcohol in their own systems.

At the early hours in the morning, these symptoms are often seen that soon go away as the person has already drinks alcohol. When the body of an alcoholic narcissist is used to drinking, there is a need to have more alcohol in achieving the certain effects brought by a couple of drinks. As for doctors, they further examine the drinking behavior, liver function and blood count with one who is alcoholic narcissist.


Furthermore, the use of alcohol results for one to boost his self, or self-image. It allows the user to be more confident, takes more limelight and often ignores others. Other alcoholic narcissists believe that they are the focus of attention despite the other needs of the family. As they deny their manifested behavior, this becomes the ultimate cause of family breakdown and child deprivation.

When they become sober after drinking, they view themselves as having no concern or value on their own survival. They are often depressive leaving them having low self-esteem.

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