Alcoholic Enabler

Alcoholic Enabler

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Alcoholic enabler is an individual who by means of their actions make it easy for an addict to go on with their self destructive attitude by rescuing or criticizing. There are times that when friends and family tries to help alcoholics; the way they extend their help is making it easy for these alcoholics to continue the disease or habit progression. This is referred to as the enabling phenomenon and this takes several forms but all have similar effects and this is allowing an alcoholic to save themselves from the consequences of their moves and actions.

Effects of Alcohol Enabling

This will in turn enables alcoholics to go on with their drinking habits and drinking ways securing the given knowledge that even when they screw up, someone will always take the responsibility of rescuing them from their mistakes. The unhealthy patterns that an alcoholic enabler might be doing are as follows:

1. Drinking and spending much.
2. Overdrawing alcoholics’ bank account.
3. Gambling.
4. Working less or working too much.
5. Maxing out their credit cards.
6. Abusing drugs or alcohol

Every time you allow, help or assist another person to go on with their unhealthy and addictive behavior whether it is passive or active, you are said to be enabling. Even without saying a word, you are being an alcoholic enabler enabling their behavior to progress and continue. There are times that alcoholic enabler say nothing due to fear of reprisal or hurting that person. There are also instances that enabling gets the form of making reasons or excuses for somebody else’s behavior. Taking for instance the situation wherein the spouse of alcoholics will call the boss and tell them that the person is seriously ill when the truth is they are only having terrible hang over and that is the reason why they cannot work.

In these kinds of situations, spouses of alcoholics who are making lame excuses are said to be alcoholic enablers. People, due to their deep love, concern and fear of losing that person have been enabling and this continues until they realized that what they have done only trigger the situation or habit of alcoholics to worsen.

How to Prevent Behavior

It is really difficult to stop being an alcoholic enabler especially if you are doing this with authority. It is never that easy not unless you came to a realization that there is really a need to stop. Failure to stop being an alcoholic enabler may put you on a situation that you would need help instead rather than the alcoholic person you are trying to help or both of you actually do.

Before trying to help an alcoholic, you should try to make self-assessment. Always be concerned with your actions and approaches and figure out if you are really trying to help or just enabling them to go on with their destructive and addictive habit. Remember that enabling is doing things for somebody that they could be doing for himself. This creates an atmosphere which alcoholics can easily and comfortably continue their unpleasant behaviors. It is therefore necessary to have a clear understanding about the difference between helping and enabling.

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