Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy Reversible

Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy Reversible

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Drinking too much is one of the problems of some people which are really hard to resist, that once you drink alcohol your body will always look for it. Drinking alcohol for some can affect the feeling of depression and or stress, which is why many people are drinking alcohol because for them it can solve their problem, not knowing that it already destroyed his body. Yes, alcohol can actually ruin a life of a person, it is true that you can count on it but when time comes that you will want to stop it, you just know how it destroy your life.

Consequences of Alcoholism

Drinking alcohol, have certain consequences, there are many health risks that it brought to some of its drinker and one of the most common of those disease is heart failure or known as alcoholic cardiomyophaty. This is cause by too much drinking of alcohol, it is the condition in which the muscles in your heart become thin and your heart becomes enlarged. Because of alcohol abuse that you do in yourself, your heart becomes weakened in pumping inefficiently which leads to heart failure. This disease can be experience by anyone who drinks too much alcohol for a long time, and the most commonly seen with this kind of disease are those men with ages 33-35.

Symptoms of Cardiomyopathy

• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Faintness
• Urge to urinate at night
• Irregular or rapid pulse
• Loss of appetite
• Shortness of breath, especially during at rest
• Coughing which contains mucus
• Decrease alertness
• Problem with concentration

To know if you have this kind of disease and or symptoms it is important that you will consult your doctor immediately. There are different test and equipments that might help you to detect whether you are prone to this kind of disease. Some of the test to know if you have heart failure is through Echocardiograms, ECG and chest x-ray. After you doctor examined you, if you really have heart failure it will show that you have abnormal heart and lung sounds, swelling ankle, enlarged liver, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, swollen neck veins and weight gain.

Treatments of Disease

The best treatment for you to do if you have this kind of heart failure is simply quitting in drinking alcohol, since it is the cause of cardiomyophaty, it is better that you will eliminate it. You can also watch with your diet, make sure to eat healthy foods that are low-salt diets, the amount of liquids that you will drink must also being restricted. Heart failure can also be treated with the use of ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, and diuretics such as furosemide and spironolactone. But if the cardiomyophaty is not reversible, there is a need to undergo heart transplant. The medication for this kind of disease is really expensive, that is why for you not to suffer with this, it is important that you know how to live healthy, eat a balance diet, exercise and eliminating alcohol to avoid heart failure.

Heart Disease Risk with Alcoholism