Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome

Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome

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Children that grow with an environment of alcohol or alcoholic may cause difference in their lives. Alcohol affects all members all members of the family especially children, they suffer really difficult time. Being a good model is a form of powerful education, and children being expose in seeing and being taught by dysfunctional behavioral affect them and carry it to adulthood.

11 Common Traits of Adult Children Engaged in Alcohol

1. They commonly feel that they must control feelings and behavior all the time. This kind of desire is an overreaction during growing up in disorder that alcoholism was present. The tendency of wanting to control can result to fear. If they cannot control every aspects of life, things will get shoddier or worse.

2. They also struggle intimate relationships, since this require release of control and vulnerability. Since affection like love is being expressed like rescuing someone or fixing other peoples problem than being a partner to someone. The skill of survival while growing up can cause by hiding feeling or by not expressing or exposing them to dread of consequences.

3. Perfectionist. These children discern that if only they were perfect, they will surely get positive feedback or attention. Since in these cases, everything they do is not enough. Their self esteem or confidence becomes low and become self critical that desire the idea of attaining ideal of how they should be good.

4. They also increase the positivity of becoming addicted to the liquor as well. Tendency of some compulsive behavior like addictive, eating disorder and gambling can be classified.

5. Fear of abandonment, even if their getting a slap than a hug they still choose to hang up than losing their family.

6. They loss identity and become approval seeker.

7. They live life like a viewpoint of a victim and became obsessed of excitements.

8. Usually feel guilt whenever they stand for themselves than giving up.

9. Became confused of pity and love, tendency of loving someone whom they can rescue or help.

10. Low self-esteem and harsh judgment toward themselves.

11. They commonly adopt the characteristics of an alcoholic even if they don’t drink.

Additional Characteristics

Other side of these characteristics:

1. Becomes dominant type of figure.
2. Victimizing other people and putting them into blame.
3. Fits of cursing and rage.
4. They engage into fights that went beyond sheer words.

Effects of Adult Children Alcoholism

These children have difficulty in giving and receiving love since they not experienced good role model in their area. Because of dysfunction and alcoholism in their family they also turned to unhealthy mechanisms such as alcohol and others. Children that suffer from alcoholic syndrome can still recover by means being honest, loving and taking steps that is necessary to out in order their life or heal from that experience. Learning to forgive will also a big factor of acceptance and coping from these problems.

This adult addicted child is still an adult that needs to make choices of their own, once of this can be their destruction, supporting and encourage them of positive outcomes but never by means of financing or supporting them of their behaviors.

Helping Alcoholic Parents