9 Major Pros and Cons of Vaccinations

9 Major Pros and Cons of Vaccinations

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Vaccinations have recently come under fire and there is a sect of critics that are advising against them however it is not a large part of the medical community that is advising against them. The question remains are they necessary? There were some rumors flying around that vaccinations may play a role in the cause of Autism (which is completely unfounded and there has been no medically proven link).

The pros and the cons of vaccinations are numerous and really it all depends on who you are speaking to as to whether the scales tip one way or the other. Over 90% of doctors that were surveyed for a study by a prestigious university answered yes that they had at least one parent that had opted to NOT vaccinate their child based on what they believed were the cons of vaccination.

While it is true there is always some risk with vaccinations the risks are relatively low and the results are typically very high. Many parents that choose not to vaccinate do so based on religious belief and just as many that choose not vaccinate base their decision on half truths about vaccinations.

In the 19540′s 50′s 60′s and all the way up to the 1990′s parents lined up in droves to insure that their child was vaccinated. Today more and more parents are deciding against it. Is vaccinations something you plan on for your child?

Many of the cons that are reported are based on information that is in error or that is unfounded. BEFORE you make a decision to NOT have your child vaccinated you should fully understand the value of vaccinations and the potential hazard of vaccinations

The Pros

1. Vaccinations has one of the biggest pros there is! They can keep your child from getting serious childhood diseases that can cause life threatening illness. Some of the diseases that vaccinations are available for not only can cause life threatening illness but can also cause death, life long disabilities and permanent developmental delays.

2. The pros of vaccinations is that they keep serious childhood disease from becoming epidemic illnesses. A lot of parents feel that because certain illnesses have been eradicated in the US that the disease is no longer a threat.

3. Unfortunately just because there has been low incidence of the disease in the US it does not mean that the disease is no longer a threat. It does mean that thanks to good vaccination processes that the disease does not carry as large a threat as it used to but do keep in mind that it is because of vaccinations that diseases like Polio and Measles is not a huge threat anymore in the US but in developing countries there is still some risk.

4. The clear Pro is protection that lasts a lifetime. It is a relatively simple painless process that has been shown for the last 4 generations to be largely safe and without any large full range of incidence.

The Cons

1. There are a couple of cons that are based in fact. Most vaccines are 95% effective that means that they will positively prevent the target disease in 95% of the population but that other 5% which can amount to hundreds of thousands of children are not protected. Many parents believe that vaccinations are 100% effective that once their child is vaccinated against a disease than they never have to worry about it. You should always take precautions about what your child is exposed to regardless of the vaccinations they have had.

2. Recently 300 children in Minnesota came down with whopping cough (which is vaccinated against) of those 177 were hospitalized and 3 died from the disease. The 3 that died were NOT vaccinated but of the 300 about 40% were vaccinated so one of the key cons is that vaccinations offer people a feeling of blanket coverage when in reality the risk may still be present.

3. The risk of disease from the vaccination is very low with most vaccinations although with the live virus kind that is given with Chicken Pox vaccines the threat is increased. There is still some risk to develop fevers when vaccinated as the body builds an immunity to the disease.

4. Other cons are that vaccinations are largely not “proven”. While there is a decrease in disease outbreak events no long range testing has been done in a controlled environment that has proven undoubtedly that vaccines are the primary reason diseases like polio have been eradicated. It could be a change in hygiene access to better health care and other variables that have effected how the spread of the disease has halted.

5. Ultimately the decision to vaccinate should lie with the parents but unfortunately in most states it does not. Some states allow religious reasons, health reasons with few offering philosophical reasons as acceptable to denounce getting your child vaccinated. In most states one of the entry requirements into public school is an up to date shot record.